Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Salt Bites Into...Jil Sander

Jil Sander's Reversible Tote @ Mr. Porter
Fancied a reversible bag before and I still am drooling over it 'til this very day. What I want is within my price range, black nylon on one side and sand nylon on the other trimmed with leather handles and a smooth strap. This one from Jil Sander, is out of my reach for sure but is something I'd definitely recommend to those who have just about enough to spare.

If you're like me who goes freaky over bags and makes sure that they act like shoes that punctuate or finish off a look more than other accessories, this one is the tote to carry. The delicious leather make and the simple design (true of anything Jil Sander), gives this one mileage all day, everyday of the week. I love how Mr. Porter describes this bag: "This Jil Sander tote bag is just the ticket for men who don't want to commit to just one look." 

The supple brown side pairs well with those summery looks to the beach and all you carry around in your tote is a striped towel in a roll, a pack of cigarettes, your latest easy-read novel and a bevy of gadgets. While the black side makes for the perfect city strolling in a crisp white shirt, lean jeans and those Cole Haan kicks ALL of us would kill to have

I could already imagine the limitless dressing options that this bag could afford you, from corporate weekdays to weekends out of town, I even see this one sitting pretty in the locker rooms at the gym. The only problem I see with this is how open and spacious it is, but if you pray hard enough for the good Lord to keep you and your things safe, then you'll be fine and stylish too.

- Gerard

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