Sunday, June 3, 2012

Salt Bites into...Cole Haan

Double the fun.
Salt's first Bite into Cole Haan

Walking down Fifth avenue, somewhere near Rockefeller Center, Cole Haan's window display shuts me up from my mindless gab. I'd forgotten what it was I was blabbering to my mom about, but what I was sure of was how I swooned after seeing these killer kicks on the store's display. 

The usual suede wingtips in cool, cool neutrals had some unexpected (yet, expected in our times and styles), solid dips of color for soles: yellow, red, blue, the works and with its ribbed design, it kind of reminded me of one of the reasons why I'm having this sporty, athletic phase (again). I knew I had the money to get me that gray suede and yellow one, I knew it. But since I was too afraid to lose money when I get back here in Manila, plus I had so much more stuff to buy, I had to give it up. And just like all recipes for regret would teach you, I told myself I should've gotten the courage and the devil-may-care to just get them and save the "what if's" for later. Now, I am in regret and feeling it without style.

As Salt Bites first post---where all things I consider cravings, wants, desires of the moment are celebrated, shows you, there is much to love about the marriage of two worlds of style. Cole Haan's Grand Lunar Wingtip gives you the old school charms of classic wingtips with the breakthrough, Nike athleticism of the GrandLunar's soles. Shouldn't be a shocking design for us today, knowing that we've seen these kinds of pieces before, but what I love about it is how the little and major details come together to make, possibly one of the most awesome shoes I've seen so far.

I love the charcoal grey and yellow one. I seriously do. So much so that I've already whipped up a dream of a look (well for me at least) for myself once I get a hold of these babies. A plain white tee, slim, light-washed jeans rolled up to reveal these handsome stunners. Throw in a nice pair of sunglasses in there, a black, leather dress watch and a rucksack and it's channeling the effortless cool of Street Style photography's simple and best. 

What you have now is a shoe that's both dressed up but fun and to an extent, ready for some serious pavement-pounding wherever you go. Some people won't like this for whatever reason they have, but I like it a lot for many, many reasons. Aside from the ones I've already mentioned above, it's also the perfect symbol for enjoying the best of both worlds: the snobby and timeless and the grounded and new. However way you put it, to me, this is duality at its chicest. 

Damn I'm hungry!


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