Saturday, May 26, 2012

Commercial Beauty

One of the best commercials. Glorious and cool.

It's a good ad, I admit and heavenly fitting shoe
but it's just not for me.

My sister once told me, after laying out for her my amazement over the stories I've heard from people I know, celebrities and their endorsements and things of the same caliber, how easily sold I am of what people tell me. She's never said though that what I've been hearing are complete lies, she's just keen on pointing out that it's not hard for me to believe things people say. It's not the first time I've been called gullible too or any other word to that affect, so maybe I am. Although the truth is, I could sense pretty well when people tell me bull, unless I am faced with a genius liar, then...

In my case, I may seem like I agree or believe in certain things, but I try to detach myself once I feel like I am biting into something that I still have doubts with. While this happens often, there are also those many times when I am just floored at the details that wrap either the wonderful truth or some awful lie. Sometimes, I believe in things because of presentation or anything that has to deal with the physical. It is shallow, I know. But I'm a bit hopeful that the reason why things are well presented, good to look at, or just basically pleasurable to the senses is because there is at least a pinch of something beautiful in it.

What I do full time is pretty much similar to what advertising does: selling. To the real deal advertising, marketing people, do correct me if I am wrong, but to me, what great or lackluster commercials, campaigns, advertisements have in common is the goal to sell people something. Something useful or something unnecessary but otherwise a need for someone. And in pursuit of selling comes a (I assume) long, long process of brainstorming, meeting up with clients, meeting deadlines, making new deadlines, maxing away talents and skills in partnership with technology, the works...The finished product is either a successful, selling commercial or a major flop that's downright laughable. This is my take on it and I'm sure experts can give you all the tiny bits I've failed to cover, but as soon as I have understood how---more or less, advertising works, I have grown an appreciation for it.

Great commercials, make me happy and therefore make me buy. I remember weeks ago, seeing that really cool, fresh and simple commercial for York Peppermint Patty and it was some less-than-a-minute wonder that I felt like I wanted to get me a piece of the candy right away. It was the good-looking guy, the sexy voice over, the crisp sounds, the clean grey wall and the shiny silver wrap accented by some blue and red and white of York that just got me. It also helped that Gavin, the model (as a booker, agent, OF COURSE I looked up his name) was wearing a pretty awesome bracelet, strategically worn on the hand he used to lick his thumb dry from that delicious candy.

So on my way back here, in Detroit I stocked up on all the magazines I haven't purchased and got myself the candy...It was good. It was refreshing and for a moment, I thought I'd either see Gavin or look like Gavin after unwrapping the treat. Most people wouldn't go about the littlest things, but I do. So an average chocolate-mint candy lover such as myself is convinced that York is the chocolate-mint candy to go to instead of Andes, and that I might've been upgraded to a chocolate-mint candy lover, instead of just being average.

So if York wasn't at all good, I'd let it slide. But I have to admit the commercial was effective. Even if I liked it or not, the people behind the commercial definitely saw something good about the product. It's how I view people as well...Every single person I've met in my life has definitely something good about them. Only a few are considered my favorites and if they were products, they'd be the things I'd be carrying around with me often, if not almost everyday of my life but it doesn't take away from the fact that everyone has a good selling point.

It's also what I've learned at W...My boss always reminds us to see what's worth liking about a person, a client, a product, a brand...It honestly wouldn't hurt you in all aspects if you started noticing the beautiful, instead of the ugly, the faulty and whatever. In the end, it makes for good relationships, good business, good money and eventually, somehow, good life.

People say commercials are all such fancy, expensive lies. Maybe the pink-orange Mercurials superstars Nadal and Ronaldo endorse won't make you a superstar athlete. Maybe Bar Rafaeli's underwear won't  guarantee you a killer bod like hers (and therefore you will never be granted the freedom to play tennis in just that). Maybe Derrick Rose's---whom I am growing a little fanatic about lately, red Climacools and Beckham's blue ones aren't at all flattering for your feet (it was a such a good commercial, I almost bought them...they just didn't look nice on my feet, but they felt incredible. So, I chose Nike Lunarglides). And maybe buying J'Adore won't make you look like Charlize Theron or smell exactly like her, but there is always something beautiful about these products, maybe not for you, but definitely for someone else out there.

Again, advertising and marketing experts may say something else and may not have given these ones I'm sharing awards, but for me, they're all incredibly good. So as you start judging me as someone too shallow, too blinded by all the coolness of advertising, also consider and go back to what I believe in, that while some beautiful things have proven true frauds, you can never miss that even if these things aren't at all through and through beautiful, they hold something that was maybe once or still, pleasurable, beautiful and a little good.

Simplicity raised to perfection. Haagen Dazs, amazing.

Superstar Spanish athletes, good looks, men acting like boys, cool shoes, this shouldn't be a fail.

Who would dare play tennis with her? Giselle maybe and her kind, okay.

If only Siri worked here, I'd never let her a day off.


The music, the directing, Charlize Theron, Dior, all that gold, the legendary ladies....
Yeah, it's just "average".

I'm biased cause I'm a Starbucks fan, but I tell you, after seeing this and hearing about
their Mocha Coconut Frappuccino, I've gained weight because of it. Is good!

Makes perfect sense this one.

Classy, quiet, powerful, iconic.

- Gerard

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