The Salt Philosophy

Gerard Gotladera, NYC 2013 by Joanne Gotladera

Salt is my brand. While everyone else online in our age has their identities well cut-out for them, having to stick to certain blogging duties or blog-able topics, Salt is more personal, multidimensional and reflects most things about me. It is a pool of interests related and distant, common and new all taken in, processed and finely (I do try) pressed to publish for your reading pleasure.

From art to fashion to style to music to movies to literature to people to philosophy, Salt might not give you things you expect of me, but I've created this almost a year ago in hopes of giving you something new to think about or at least, to see things in a certain way. 

Salt will try its best to give you posts that are smart, sensible, interesting, relatable and, hopefully, new. Enjoy reading and, as I always have envisioned as one of the quotes for this blog, having lots of Salt isnt' so bad after all...


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  1. How are you related to Fonzo Gotladera? :-)