Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Praising Yigal

And why not a jacket this kick-ass?
Yigal Azrouel Resort 2013
Frustrations such as wanting to know the nitty gritty of fashion and everything that goes into it do not stop me from appreciating what I like and what I believe is likable. Yigal Azrouel, the modern woman's weapon to wear, showcased a pretty cool Resort 2013 collection this week. Like I used to do, I've taken notes from Matthew Schneier's Style.com review of the latest from Azrouel. And so it is not surprising that Mr. Azrouel's recent trip to Japan founds its way into the beautiful 29 piece collection for Resort. 
There is something strict about the clothes at Yigal Azrouel for this collection. Maybe they were the second-skin, up-to-the ankle pants or the precision that gave those wonderful jackets some tough, chic structure. There's some discipline to the looks that lends a mood of "I do care about what I wear and I am proud of it", something I feel like is characteristic of Japanese culture.Though the religion of the effortless shall never fade from the fashion conscious, it is also this astute quality to the clothes that make the wearers, not fake effortlessness, but actually achieve a vibe of elegance and sharp simplicity.

A huge fan of jackets, so the items here are of no exception. If I could, I'd definitely wear them. But seriously, that black biker jacket up top with its fine details and almost sheer portions is divine. It looks soft but obviously has the DNA of something notorious for being tough. That's why I like Yigal and that's what I like about fashion. Both have the ability to marry well, the opposite sides of the world and as others fail at the synergy, Yigal and some of fashion's finest make it seem so natural that it's a sin not to achieve something this profound. 

Colors are fantastic. White here seems truly energizing and the Yves Klein blue and orange matched with tender techniques does give the collection a feeling of the now and what ladies love to wear today. Not to mention that green that gives a good break to all the really hyped hues. Prints are hard to tell, especially since I rely heavily on what I see online (and I only dream of touching and seeing them in person) but I'm guessing and taking it from the review that they are done in brocade in colors completely timeless and pleasing. 

Paried with sexy high-heeled sandals, that dewy look on the face and bags simple yet too cool to ignore, Yigal Azrouel's Resort 2013 looks every bit the fighting form women would love to get into. It's hard and strong looking but at the same time dainty and flattering of a female body. To me, this is some sexy collection I'm excited to see on magazines and on celebrities...hopefully, out there in the real world. Now if only I knew more and better things about fashion...

High praises for Yigal.


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