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Salt Bites: Six For The Weekend

Mr. Neff and Mr. Bond at the background. Loving the bracelets on the stylist by the way.
amfAR 2012
How was the weekend everybody? Hope you all enjoyed the hot two days off. 
As for myself, I'm pretty drained this weekend, like I always am. Since I got a job, I reserve my nights out for Saturdays. So the drill will be something like, go out around 7 in the evening, get home at the latest at 5 in the morning, wake up at around 7 something in the morning for mass and then just get on with the day. So it's pretty normal for me to be all grumpy and unproductive on a Sunday. 

But anyway, I've been blessed with enough time this weekend so I've given myself a breather to discover some new things, things that I love occupying myself with. I'm making Salt Bites a permanent section and post for my blog so we're all updated on things that are inspiring, exciting and worth knowing. So click and read on to see what I'm happily sinking my teeth, time and thought in for this weekend.

Backstage Pass

First off, I'm a huge fan of behind-the-scenes photos, especially of fashion shows. So when I stumbled across the awesome backstage photos of the amfAR 2012, I knew I had to bookmark it. You know me and my life-long fascination with great-looking people. Something about the demi-gods and how, when they're raw and outside of their usual "model" mode that makes them more attractive. While we don't look anything like them, we have all the right to earn our backstage passes and get a look inside the world of the great-lookers.

The golden suit. Mr. Alex Lundqvist.

Danny Schwarz what's up? 

Hollywood huh
On the music front, I'm glad I love to read and be curious and explore all these new things. When I got back from the states I downloaded Flipboard which is this really cool app that gives you a magazine, kind of layout for all the things you're interested in, music, sports, technology...those things. So Flipboard gives you news on everything. Thanks to the app, I found out right away about Twitter's new, or rather, improved logo. Things like that. The app also introduced me to The Hypemachine which gives you all the coolest songs that blogs around the world are talking about. One of the best songs I've discovered there is "Hollywood" by RAC featuring Penguin Prison remixed by The Magician. It's such a cool song. Beat's just right, lyrics are genius, plus the build-up and the dynamics of the song makes you want to shoot a video for a product like, I don't know, SWATCH or something (even though the lyrics sound pretty pissed haha). This is the kind of song you want to be feeling angry to. Right? So please download the app, this song and more things you'll be glad to discover.

By the Waterhouse

Third on my list is courtesy of GQ. On the plane ride back home, I came across Nick Waterhouse in one of GQ's (June 2012) fragrant pages. Title was "Looks Like Buddy Holly, Sounds Like Ike Turner". Comparisons have been drawn and it's with another favorite of mine, Mayer Hawthorne. And while both make great, old school tunes and have names that sound like they came from coming-of-age literature, Hawthorne and Waterhouse are still pretty different. What I like about Nick Waterhouse, and I am obsessing as of the moment, is how he does remind you of the 50s, Ray Charles, all that liquor-like angst and sweating-to-the-beat hop in his sound. Like I've mentioned a billion times before, I don't make good music reviews, so for the references of Mr. Waterhouse and all that best read his Obey feature. His voice is pretty simple, but what sound he does with it and how he sings is refreshing. Less falsetto for him compared to Hawthorne and more high, angry notes, the way they hit it when R n B had more depth to it (my opinion). Get started with I Can Only Give You Everything and Some Place and then go for the awesome, bluesy sounding Say, I wanna know. It's also his throwback personal style that's earning lots of buzz, which makes him a sure hit in our times.

A superstar goes ROGUE

Raymond Ang profiles Marian Rivera
ROGUE June 2012
Marian Rivera, I'm not such a fan of. So when I saw ROGUE covered her again for this month, I was alright with it. The cover too was okay. But like most things, I learned to appreciate and maybe even love this month's issue and the cover girl. She's undeniably beautiful in 20s flapper fashion courtesy of Pam Quinones and the dark, moody photos of Mark Nicdao kind of reminded me of something Annie Leibovitz would do for Vanity Fair. Raymond Ang, I like how you write. So Raymond goes for the usual profiling: who Marian is, what the country thinks of her, how she is, the usual, but what I liked about the cover story was how they never gave Marian the special treatment. She was given a nice, candid, smart and also revealing profile that, for me, gave her good publicity. Some cover stories read like well-paid, awfully-biased profiles and I hate it when writers do that. The cover story gave you Marian Rivera the way you wanted it. She answered questions mostly---if not all, in tagalog which is definitely refreshing for ROGUE and which is true to the Marian Rivera we all know of. And it sounded great. Usually tagalog interviews are tricky for English publications. Some publications translate tagalog anything to English and you just never buy it. But ROGUE's  is genius. I also like how Marian answers Raymond's questions regarding her namesake, fan/parody account on Twitter. At the end of the interview, Raymond goes all cultural and historical on you and in my case, I liked it cause it reminded me of school and all my major subjects that have touched on the ever so elusive and unsolved Filipino identity. It didn't say that Marian Rivera IS the Filipino identity, but Raymond did a pretty good job of stating the reasons why people hate and love Marian and how these reactions reflect something about our culture and how we think and perceive things. Suddenly you remember it's a June issue and it ties up with the celebration of our Independence Day...Magaling! Great read, best buy this issue to fully understand what I'm talking about and like every issue, it reminds you why ROGUE is the big man of local publication. 

Beautiful People

Watch out for my very own magazine in the future.
For my maiden issue, I'll call it Beautiful People headlined by Kate Bosworth & Joseph Altuzarra (my crushes)
CFDA by Tommy Ton
Tommy Ton strikes again with this year's breath-taking creatures to grace the CFDA 2012 awards. I still need to look up who won, but for now, I am smiling at all the beautiful people enjoying each other's company. This is part of the exciting thing about the entertainment and fashion industry, you always see those blessed few that have faces that lead campaigns, make campaigns and everything that you consider pleasing to the senses. It's exciting. While clicking through all of Tommy's photos, I couldn't turn off those Khalil Gibran quotes in my head:
And forget not that the Earth delights to feel to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. 
Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror. 

I love her face! Jessica Chastain

Another old-Hollywood handsome...Matt Bomer

Maxwell Osborne, Edita Vilkeviciute and Dao Yi-Chow

Bond-ing Time

I don't know when Skyfall's coming out but I am a fan of Daniel Craig. I love the man. For me, he's the perfect example of a man and how a man should be. Surprisingly though, I haven't seen his movies. So on that part, I am a big failure. But enough about me and more of Skyfall and an interview with the movie's costume designer, Jany Temime. Love the way she talks, the way she describes the suits and I especially am dying over the fact that she employed the help of iconic Mr. Ford for this Bond movie. I don't know which designers they've used before for the other Bond movies, but I am happy and pleased to learn that Tom Ford is making the suits for the latest one. Imagine that: Daniel Craig as James Bond in Tom Ford suits...Nothing says smooth, suave and smart like this line-up. That's a dream for any menswear fan and stylist out there. Excited. Hopefully this time I really let my half-fan develop into a real one once Skyfall hits cinemas. 

- Gerard

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