Friday, June 15, 2012

Work High

That's a line-up! Carlie De Murga (far left) of the Azkals.
I didn't get to go to this shoot, but I'm happy I got Carlie in there.
Thanks Eric Salta of MAVEN magazine. GRAB your copies guys, so much more inside!
MAVEN magazine June-July 2012 (my photo)

This will be a short one, I promise. So while I am just some weeks away from a year of working for W, I think this month has been an exciting one for us and for myself as well. We've been booking jobs and appearances and pages of and for the country's best and it's exciting to see our talents (as I like to call them "kids") working, moving and starting to grow. I'm happy for this month because I've done a lot of magazine bookings, something that I feel I do easily at the job and while it is tempting to take 100% of the credit, what my job has taught me is that working well means having guidance and having the right kind of people with you. Though these are some of my bookings, I thank the people who have made these possible as well because without them, it will be ten million times harder to work. 

And since it's a weekend, I urge you to grab a copy of these magazines that feature our wonderful kids from W Talent Management. When e-mails have been exchanged, talent profiles have been sent, zipped and unzipped and approved, and the shoot day comes and the pages come out, it's a rush really. Never tried drugs but maybe this is how a high feels...Seeing the finished product and knowing what kind of work, people and talent have gotten into producing it is rewarding. 

Pretty boy Carlie.
Photo from W Updates/MAVEN magazine

My very first cover and I'm forever grateful it's of the beautiful promise, Jasmine Curtis-Smith.
CANDY magazine June 2012
BIG thanks to Ms. Betchay Vidanes, Apple Maglinte, Marla Miniano of CANDY, Jaja of TV5

There are definitely more things that I've done for this June, but I'm saving them all up for my kinda lengthy One Year At Work post next month. hahaha. But do these great kids a favor and grab your copies. Take a break, enjoy the weekend and enjoy the weekend with these. Add on your list too CHALK magazine with Zac Efron on the cover, cause Jasmine's Blog (Jasmine Curtis-Smith's monthly column) has some perfect advise for those back-to-school friends who might've lost touch during the break...

It's not obvious that I love my job right? haha. One of the reasons why it's hard for me to just up and leave is because I've found a job that has great bosses, great workmates and great talents to work with, plus the job itself is a dream job. It's a rare chance to have almost a perfect first job, but I have to thank God for this, cause I believe this job is that close to being just that...a perfect, fresh-out-of-college job. Now, if only I could go beyond just magazine covers and putting faces on billboards, then, it'll be perfect. Real soon..

Enjoy the weekend everybody.

- Gerard

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