Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympian Style

Kult Paper's Olympic style story
From @malemodelscene
The Isles of Wonder brought me to tears today. True. You know me, I'm a huge bowl of Soft Batch, pretty easy to make me cry. Well, not really, but when there's some heart-warming story in anything that gets my mind running on a trail such as "imagine having trained all your life and to set foot on the Olympics with the world's best..." And the story goes on to be ended with a tear. So to Danny Boyle and the team that made the Olympics happen, congratulations.

This is probably the first time I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and it was amazing. First parts were a little so-so for me, but the rest were just amazing. Especially the lighting of the cauldron. Just beautiful. I started getting teary-eyed when they were introducing the junior Olympians and the ones who nominated them passed on the torch---in all sense of the phrase. Lovely. The bit with the Arctic Monkeys too was great, loved that with the fireworks and all. To people who live in London and are there right now to witness it, I know it's the best time to be there...I'm so jealous. Please send my regards to the three world superstar athletes I want to see if ever I was there, Federer, world's fastest man Hussein Bolt and, my all time favorite swimmer, Ryan Lochte.

Athletes are actually quite the mesmerizing subject for other things aside from sports. They make interesting public figures, celebrities, endorsers (in my opinion, athletes present the most credible and eligible endorsers of products out there), stories and, most of all, fashion inspirations. I wasn't surprise to hear Ryan Lochte planning to have his own clothing line in the future (though not really a fan of his green stoned sneakers), because I've always had this feeling that athletes too are as into fashion and style as other people are.

And to prove that, I present you Kult Paper's story with the Olympics as its inspiration. For me this is how you should do a fashion story on sports and the Olympics. The photos may lack the overall spectacle and the magnitude a world wide audience provides in real life, but this one makes up for it by giving you a true fashion story that manages to braid the spirit of athleticism with the flawless, beautiful world of fashion. What you have is something cool, vintage in feel and inspiring you to be good-looking, sporty and stylish (if it's ever humanly possible). Shot by Ben Lamberty with models from Kult Modeling Agency.

- Gerard

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