Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nike LunarGlide+

The Nike LunarGlide+ reminded me of all the reasons why I love shoes, running and also a frustration as a kid. One of the many things I've wanted to become when I was younger was a designer. Not necessarily for shoes, but back then I felt like there were things I wanted and could visualize in my head that I either couldn't afford or couldn't find. Just like a famous quote about writers, I think part of the rationale of design is creating something only you could think of.

Now, I am considering a return to the times I've poured on drawing. I would want to someday be able to design something, a bag, a shoe, a suitof my own, whatever it is. I was actually thinking of designing a stadium or complex if in the future they could hold the Olympics here, but I think among my closest of friends, Bob the Engineer is the only one capable of making it happen.

Anyway, I love my LunarGlide+. Love its fit, the stability and support you feel when running through good and bad streets (Makati, I'm sorry but you have bad streets for running), how it looks and sometimes when I pass by it, I want to hug it cause I love it so much. But mine's old and the new one has a pretty neat look and design that past LunarGlides don't have. The flywire though is a little too much for me, but when it's subtly done like the black and blue one they have, I might just say yes whole-heartedly. Plus I think the Lunarlon for the new one is thicker compared to what mine has. If I could draw like him, I'd have two day jobs: agent and illustrator. So for everyday runners and shoe, design and style fans alike, enjoy the science behind the newest stud from Nike.

It'd be Christmas in my life if I could keep what I have now and buy myself a new LunarGlide....
Oh Nike.

- Gerard

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