Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Show

What're we looking at?
Hane, loving that Balenciaga on you. The bag, the Valentino, the cane, the no-fuss hair...

I'm thinking of doing an interview again with STREET FSN's Nam. Last time I talked to Nam was probably two years ago, when he was starting to get some good footing in the scene. His photographs now are awfully exciting and every bit the collection of  photographs you'd expect from the best of today's street style photographers. But it's not just the fact that I do follow his blog and have had the privilege to interview him before that makes me say he's one of the better street style bloggers and photographers out there. There is a lightness and surge of inspiration I always feel after seeing his photos. That and more I'd love to explore and learn about from Nam himself (fingers crossed). While I piece together an interview in my head, I oblige you to take inspiration from the beautiful people he takes photos of. And enjoy your weekend!

These bandannas keep popping out everywhere. 

Who is this? Such a fresh face. Nice photo

New Balancing!!! 

That red mask just gives this photo such a haunting look

Who else is seeing a child's book in this photo?

This kind of tattoo, I think I can do. Love the t-shirt

If they aren't best of friends yet, then this photo should be the start of that. Looking good boys!

All photos from STREET FSN

- Gerard

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