Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Up J

Read Jules' post. Just read it.
Slowly, but surely that Jules Schrater exclusive's making its way up my blog's most viewed posts and I have Jules to blame.
The funny thing is, after I sent him the link, thanked him for about a billion times for the story, he told me it turned out great and that the photos I chose to feature were also the photos he liked. That warmed my heart, really. To hear that a client/subject liked your work feels like somebody's telling you you're kid's a beauty. That's how I take it. So I was content, right...Just posting on Tumblr and going about my usual online activities when, after following Jules on Tumblr, this really, out-of-the-blue photo of my all-time favorite, my super duper male model idol, Garrett Neff---in black and white and in the process of biting at a huge piece of pizza (watch your diet Mr. Neff. I kid. Eat the hell out of all of us and you'll still be a model), shows up on my dashboard.
Immediately I liked it cause it was of Garrett Neff and a photo taken by Jules (I love how I'm just calling him by his nickname, instead of the whole heroic sounding name he has...Well, he calls me G, so it's all great) so it was cool.
That was until I read the caption. Check the mother f-ing photo above. 

[This moment here, is exactly how it felt when I first saw it. Pure silence. And my heart just went crumping inside my rib cage...It was like a mini heart attack.]

And then I went crazy.

I e-mailed him, asked him a question on tumblr and did in fact realized that the dedication "Big up G" was really for me. It was triumph, I tell you. Like how a resurrection might've felt...I'm assuming that much. But anyway, it was awesome. I told myself that in our times, wishing on a star still works. In hindsight, it was a really simple, friendly gesture...

But in hindsight hindsight it was more than that. I, a model obsessed tiny little thing, was actually granted an interview by a rising model/photographer/blogger, granted by him half a wish (which is to relay to Mr. Neff that I am a big fan) and really, he took the time to dedicate that post for me.
It's bezerk. I've never had drugs, but I think that could've been how it felt. It still sends shivers down my scolio-ed spine and it's amazing.

So to Jules, J... Thank you for that. That day, I remember, was one of my stormy Mondays and scrolling down to see that dedication turned everything a thousand degrees. My only wish now is to be greeted by Neff himself.

You know how models backstage show you those pieces of papers with those "I love" whatever and whoever it is they love, scribbled on it? THAT's what I pray for and wish on a star for and ask Jules for. hahaha... One of him, holding that piece of paper and it reads "I'm all Salt-y. Amen. Big Up G!" hahaha...And then the other's Garrett Neff's, saying the same thing: "I'm Garrett Neff and I'm all Salt-y. Amen. Hey G!" 

I may be sleep blogging and therefore, tomorrow, when I read this I'll blush and feel ashamed, but hey, I'm a huge fan. So there...

Thank you Jules Schratter, congratulations on the A|X campaign. You look like a million bucks and more. 

P.S. To you Garrett Neff...You're name is a derivation of mine and that's one of the coolest things in the world. Stay awesome for life AND please, go take up all those ads and campaigns and walk them shows again...You ought to be on top, cause you damn well are.


- Gerard


  1. Heheh you lucky bastard :D ! Congrats on on having mr Neff pizzaed, Schratered, photographed and up G-ed :D
    Now be a nice boy and go fanscream and faint like you should to celebrate this ;-)

  2. ...
    Just fainted after screaming like crazy.
    HAHAHA...This is by far your funniest comment. Thanks James! :D

  3. Well...I was trying my best ;-P seems it sometimes nails the point ;-)
    Plus it was lot of circumstances to come together to have this pic materialize and your entry to appear too, so it deserved right treatment ;)