Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coloring with Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet "the Priest" in Mexico

Well I'll be damned.

Hot property and Priest star, Cam Gigandet stars in a GQ story of (brace yourselves) Color Blocking and I must say it looks great. It also helps that the streets of Mexico are bursting with hues. But yeah, even if it looks amazing and all, I'm still not this trend's number one fan, especial. I guess it's cause of that encounter with Jil Sander's Menswear collection for this Spring months ago that got me, a little, you know...tipsy.
Sure it's spring and bright and happy and easy chic, but I guess it's having to see it all the time on magazines that sorta wore my eyes out. 

Anyway, it's not bad though, especially when GQ does it, it's brilliant. I especially love the almost-unrecognizable dual blues look he wore in a photo. Great styling, as a trend, it's starting to get tiring, but it's a damn good story.

- Gerard


  1. Hmm..I don't like such sessions...if not the colors, the clothes would be very plain. Wouldn't differ from the nearest basic clothes rack in some Tesco or other mall.
    And that Gigandet...he might be eventually interesting when shirtless, but otherwise - wouldn't give second look probably ;-P

  2. HAHAHA...your last point was funny. But I do agree that the clothes are pretty basic.

  3. Hmm...there were more posts here when I've been here last time...they've got you into some trouble ? Sorry to hear that if it's the case.

  4. Hey James. Well my posts are still the same...Nothing's wrong. Maybe it's cause blogger's been down for maintenance. But it's fine now