Sunday, April 24, 2011

Through Jules'---It's definitely short: A Salt Exclusive

Long overdue, and I tell you, it's been baking in my inbox for over a month now but I'm still proud to bring you the sweet, (really) short interview I got with up-and-coming model/photographer/blogger Julian "Jules" Schratter...Uhuh, that's him of throughjuleslens.

A self-portrait. Julian "Jules" Schratter

He's been making a handsome name for himself not just in modeling, but by chronicling the great-looking crowd of both fashion and his circle of friends and families. A visit to his blog would make you want to have fun, care so little about tomorrow and just enjoy being young and free (not to mention smoke more...Sorry, but it's true)

Read on about why kids make him feel young again, what he's bound to tell Garrett Neff  (he didn't promise, but hey, I tried) and the famous celebrity he'd dream of shooting chugging down a beer...For a short and simple interview, it's actually more interesting.

Gerard: What is it about photography that you like?
Julian: All of it

G: Your blog is really attractive because for me, it feels like it's incredibly telling of who you are. In percentage, how much of you do you put into your blog?
J: Depends on the moment...If I'm sitting down at the computer, it's 100% of me...If I'm doing something else then that's my 100%

G: You write well, and music's obviously part of your interests? Ever written a song before? If ever how would your songs be like?
J: Some of those lyrics I post are mine... That's what it would be like

G: Your five favorite photos and why you like them.

G: If there was one female model you'd take a photo of over and over again, who would it be and why?
J: I haven't shot enough female models to know my favorite. But there are a few on my list. :)

G: You like kids too, I could tell. What is it about them that you find very captivating?
J:  There emotions are so raw and true to who they are...When I'm hanging out with kids, I am a kid again. Simple as that.

One of his famous subjects left (super cute) and the photographer/blogger/super cool personality Jules Schratter

G: In a photo, the funnest night you've had.

G: How could you tell the Davenport twins from each other? (Most of his entries show you one---or both, of the Davenport boys, and sometimes I couldn't tell which one is Brian and/or Travis)
J: They are very much alike, but much more different.

Not really sure if this is Brian or Travis Davenport. Jules could tell

G: Garrett Neff is my favorite model (just saying) and if it's possible, could you tell him?
J: I'll let him know.

G: Your "drinking", "smoking" and "tattoo" shots are the best. Who would be your dream "drinking", "smoking" and "tattoo" subjects? (Ones you haven't taken photos of yet)
J: Drinking- Charlie Sheen, Smoking- Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Tattoo- all of Brooklyn

More great photos (personal favorites) from Jules' blog.

Ever saw the sky this blue?

Be careful Chico, you don't want to bite that...Francisco Lachowski

What you dancing to Ryan Kennedy

A little princess

One of Jules' most beautiful subjects. Her hair, good God, is just perfect

Arthur, does it ever happen to you that you never look good? Amazing.
Terron Wood and his confusing...ummm....pose
Admit it, a lot of Sean O'pry's best photos are by him

Check out those wheels. Awesome colors.

Hands down, my favorite photo of him. BEAUTIFUL

Please follow him on Tumblr and also on Blogspot, I promise you you'll be hooked!

To Jules, thanks a lot...And I'm grateful you squeezed in some time to answer my questions, I'm really happy and humbled.

Surely, he'll go far, far, far places. I'm seeing an exhibit real soon and it won't be long before he takes up all those ads (if not shooting them). Such a cool guy.

(And he even apologizes for the short answers. I'm like, YOU SERIOUS?! this is all I need and more. :)))) )


P.S. Jules, if you're reading this, I'm still hoping on that Garrett Neff greet. I'm watching you. ;)

- Gerard


  1. It's a great interview. It's nice to hear that someone actually knows Jules and managed to talk with him :D Plus he's got even more interesting personality it seems. Thanks for sharing this interview with us.

  2. He's very interesting. AND he's nice too. He posted a photo of Garrett Neff on Tumblr right, and it says "Big up G!" And I just fell flat on my face. He admits to being short attention spanned, which I think is very understandable. You're welcome and I always thank him for this. Amazing guy. :)