Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prada Goodies

Hear me Prada
Probably one of my favorite looks. Check out those mercury-like shirts. AMAZING!
Would you look at that? What a beaut!!!! Prada Fall 2011 bag
All these swell backstage photos by Sonny's Photos
The Cool kids

I love how subtle the looks are. Genius.

Kelvin starts off his e-mail with a "Listen..." 
You know pretty well that when somebody tells you "listen"---or at least the impact of that on me, it's some serious business.

So the creative director of Goodies and probably one of my many (favorite) employers, Kelvin Zlochevsky, told me that he really likes my writing and that people have asked about it. Since he chose me to be along other "creatives" for his magazine, it was but my duty and obligation to bring him a column that was worth the read. And what I like best about Kelvin is that he has given me full creative power over my own column (that if he had to edit something it'd probably be just adding a punctuation mark). 
While months have passed without anything coming to mind that would fit my column for Goodies, I finally came to that day when I felt like I've been doing nothing for them. So I came up with my Prada review for them. It is true that while Prada, after its showing, wasn't my favorite collection, it did bother me. Something about those interesting shiny sweaters and the colors and the handsome shoes made me question my taste in clothes. And of course made me study the collection better this time.

So if you were just like me, months ago, scratching your head at the Prada show (I wasn't there. In spirit I was, but God knows I can't buy me a plane ticket to anywhere now, so...Thank God for internet), this first entry for my column will hopefully get you scratching less and see that it's quite an appealing collection after all.

NOW the pressure is on: What to write about for next week? And next week? And then next, next week?

- Gerard


  1. Read your writing :) It's very clever resume of this collection and it's even non-native-English-speaker-friendly. Altough I feel safe in browns, I'd be afraid of brown shoes (have these patterned as old man's shoe color). Somehow I like these blouses and the suede (?) pants on the 1st pic. Altough the patterns of the shirts on 1st pic are horrible, look like the most mass-produced 1970's product ;)
    As for your problems with inspirations - I came only with one - the glittery socks might be a re-invention of metallic-threaded stockings from 1930's. Women's stockings of course. Let's moan about feminisation of male's wardrobe ;-)

  2. It looks like the maintenance erased my comment here. But at least I see this post again ;)

    I wanted to compliment your article. It's really great reading, and it's friendly to non-native speaker of English too. I like some of the jackets they're showing there. Would have problem with brown shoes - the dress shoes in brown are not acceptable for me ;-) Only the casuals can defend themselves in brown.
    Only one inspiration I can think of, beside the 1970's, are the 1930's metallic-thread stockings that women wore for evenings, as they're now reappearing in form of these glittery socks ;-P