Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Hair

This morning I finally read Jules Schratter's reply to my e-mail and guess what?
I'm doing a story on him...(If you're wondering why and how and just a little confused, read this)
I promise him now that it'll be a cool, really casual yet sensible story/interview since, well, that's how he is and that's just how he likes it (which is allllllll gggggrrrrrreeeeaaaaaatttttttt for me).
Anyway, on the weekend I'd be studying his blog and do some bit of research on him just so I could throw in good questions. If you haven't followed his blog yet, be ashamed. I kid. Go check out Jules' blog and start getting inspiration.

In the meantime, while I'm all chill and excited (hahaha), here's a video of how dudes up in fashion week do hair. It's amazing. I've been obsessing about great hair since God knows when and I'm still jealous that models have awesome hair. This is how you do great hair. The ladies have those voluminous, wavy locks that are just super sexy. Guys, on the other hand have this kind of hair, that old school, soft side part that I have been trying for ages and only came by before my stylist forgot about what-the-customer-wants. I had it see, a day or two ago and then...well, the best thing about hair is that it grows back.

Thanks Jules and as promised, this weekend...Will write to you soon.

To my Salt-y readers, wait for this story to appear here on my blog...
It's a first (for Salt) and I'm all smiles my jaw just snapped. 


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