Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Dreams

Ocean Grove Moon by Ken Ahlering

It was one of the most peaceful I've reached...
Out in the middle of the ocean, waves were rolling in tiny ripples, swaying my boat to a still lullaby. Clouds  were pushed aside for the silver full moon. It was this close and huge above me that if I stood up, stretched my hand up I'd touch its cool mercury face.

I was rowing and the water was black and silver, the wind and the moon its painter. I was smiling and rowing to somewhere, slowly, steadily. The moon felt larger and as slow time crept by, it glowed heavier, more heavenly until...

I woke up. By far, it was one of my most beautiful and peaceful dreams. I'm glad to have placed my diary on the floor so the moment I sat up, I wrote this. I went on Google to scout for a painting that'd capture the dream so perfectly and I found Ken Ahlering's painting. It's this close to the dream I had, only difference was that the ocean seemed to stretch  forever and spread in such a huge radius like it covered the face of the Earth . And I couldn't shake it off. 

The moment I got home from class I searched what it meant...A full moon, they say, represents completion and wholeness, the ocean stands for one's emotional state. Rowing signifies a journey of spiritual progress and  of the emotions...

Interesting what one finds in dreams.. I never forget what Dr. Mariano taught us about dreams, that when we dream, we've got a foot on conscious ground...It's a start. And if we all go philosophical on this, I believe this dream is my start to finally reaching some honest-to-goodness emotional and spiritual age. To take from my own writing, this dream translates to me, having a foot on a new, older age. And I'm glad, cause I honestly feel it.
Maybe that's the reason why I've felt so peaceful, so serene and never, in my dream life, so sure and unafraid of the ocean. Tonight (I hope) I'll be dreaming of more things...Better things.

- Gerard

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