Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Season Premiere

A.P.C. Fall 2013
Simple, cool, straight-forward.
Early on, I picked up seasonal cues from the magazines I bought and the colors that marched down the runways. When campaigns change and magazine covers signal the kinds of clothes that you should be wearing, you know it's game time. And this is most evident and possibly more special during the Fall season. Obviously as the temperature drops, more clothes are needed, hence the extra effort in making beautiful items of clothing. What better way to bring out fashion's best than to showcase all of that on glossies and their campaigns. Check out some of the best campaigns, covers and pages from our favorite fashion sources. PLUS, a look at a movie/documentary that'll give The September Issue some chic competition. Welcome to a season premiere!

Christy Turlington puts every young lady to shame with her body.
Calvin Klein Underwear Fall 2013

The Inez and Vinoodh shot campaign is this season's most beautiful, for me. Winner right here. Looks like a Renaissance painting, don't you agree?
The smokey handsomeness that is Marlon Teixiera looks stunning next to two other male stunners.
ZARA Men's Fall 2013

Imagine all the cool and good-looking kids in school rallying for a suspension of classes. Hate it.
Hilfiger Denim Fall 2013

The eeriely chic Barney's campaign. Amaze.
Barney's Fall 2013.

Karlie Kloss is a pro and when paired with a stylist who knows her job well (Veronique Didry), photography cleanly shot, it effectively gets the message across. I badly want to buy those jackets. Even if I shouldn't.
IRO Fall 2013

These new campaigns from Lacoste are awesome.
LACOSTE Fall 2013

Here's a casting celebration. Even with the wigs, you know who these ladies are. Legends, basically.
Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Jae Yoo has been one of Asia's best bets and here it does him justice.
Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall 2013

Perry Ellis kills it again this season. Loving the pops of color.
Perry Ellis Fall 2013.

I can't get over this cover. It's because you have models on it. Tyson Ballou looks like a god here.
DETAILS Magazine September 2013
Wallpaper magazine's color study is awesome, awesome, awesome.
WALLPAPER September 2013

Saskia de Brauw is white hot for Wallpaper magazine. That face is just something else.
WALLPAPER magazine

Max Irons does little to almost nothing at all and still looks terribly handsome.
Town & Country September 2013

It's a simple story with sporty cool clothes on the models. Allures on L'Optimum

Well, anything that Garrett Neff does I'm a fan of. So yes.
DAMAN Magazine Aug/Sept. 2013 C/o malemodelscene

I won't caption this. Just watch it. Classic.

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