Thursday, August 15, 2013

Season Premiere: Movies

Keanu, are you sure you're not Asian?
Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin. 

Come Summertime in the US, you know all the mega franchises are showing and raking in big buck, because, well school's out and apparently there are plenty of kids who fuel this world. Which isn't a bad thing. But there is also another season to make it big in the cinemas. 

I'm a huge, huge fan of movies and I'll never believe a person who thinks watching movies is a waste of time or that anyone could've actually seen "enough" films in a lifetime. And yes, I do spend a lot of my free time on YouTube, clicking on all the good and bad 1 minute and something seconds of trailers, not considering the number of hits they get. Out of this, I have seen some promising stuff for the next few months that I highly recommend you to watch. 

After you see all of these trailers that I've posted you'll come to some conclusions: 1.) Keanu Reeves and Julianne Moore NEED to star in a movie together. If not at least a W Magazine cover (I just did that, yeah, just blurted it out there.) 2.) Keanu Reeves just might be Asian 3.) The next generation of stars are as big as the seniors that they all look up to 4.) After The Conjuring, I don't think anyone will come up with a good enough film to counter it...EXCEPT for Carrie. 5.) I am almost positive that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Batman and this is coming from a non-comic reading person who just has a gut feel of things in Entertainment...Don't take my word for it, but when it happens, I told you so (along with the many who already have laid it out there). 6.) We're still in love with war and teasing the possibilities of facing a world at its end. Pretty interesting. 7.) Young Adults rule!

Escape a bit with these films and enjoy the many stories that the handsome big screen brings to life.

Jonathan Groff is a promise here. C.O.G. does "touching" and "human" chicly, without having to literally grab your heart and squeeze the human out of it.

Don't even compare it to The Hunger Games. Just don't. But they do have the same feel and vibe about them.

It'll be a shame not to put Carrie on here. Here in the Philippines, I don't think it's showing yet...But I will see this and I have to. This is the kind of horror I like. And Chloe Moretz, girl, please. Just stop it. Too good. Too good.

Julianne Moore is the cutest thing here. Something light, funny, definitely something to see after munching on all these big action movies.

Mark my word, Shiloh Fernandez will make it big. Possibly one of the most interesting line up of actors this year. And no, Marketing, is super REAL by the way.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt bulks up-no more 500 Days of Summer "sexy cause he's so smart and skinny", looks like he's from Jersey and is dating the beautiful Scarlett Johanssen...But he has a problem....Well....

Keanu Reeves again and his Asian persuasion. Please take note of the wonderful actor from The Raid: Redemption. 

RED was awesome. It already boasted that much wattage, but with RED 2 the cast is big enough to light up an entire city...Imagine that...

I always mixed up Ender's Game with Hunger Games. First discovered about Ender's when I was interviewing a school mate...I thought it sounded interesting, just not up my alley. BUT, on film, seems quite the ride. Again, all these young, heavy weight stars, taking up the big screen is proof that you have to f-ing start young...

One of the best-looking films this year for sure...Some fascination with old Asia too that I see...Again, who wouldn't want to be as strong and powerful as these characters here. And, you have got to give these Asian actors props for looking so damn good.

What I love about the trilogy and the film is that sense of grandeur and the magnitude of it all.
It's a dream project for anyone really to work for something like this, like Harry Potter and the like
and I am jealous of the people behind it all. Do I even have to say it's a must-see?

- Gerard

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