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Video Music Awards 2013

Barclay's Center was a perfect, perfect venue!
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Yes, I did watch the VMAs. Twice. And I've got plenty of things to say. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I was too active, too noisy yesterday. I mean, who wouldn't? If you're a fan of celebrities, music and culture, the VMAs is something you should never pass for anything. This year made up for an incredibly forgettable VMAs last year and it's that forgettable that for every performance you could recall without reviewing on YouTube you'll be getting a free cookie...from me. But seriously, this year was something else. 

Miley, honey...No one really wants that. But I love you. (photo Yahoo!)

Award shows with recall always have a balance of great and bad moments. This year's Video Music Awards was sugared with a lot of great ones and was definitely spiked with real bad moments, they're so bad they start taking on a lot of good and end up, being good on their own. Consider Miley Cyrus' performance. It was such a controversial performance TIME and CNN spent a page or online space for it. Now I'm not saying Miley's small league, this is Miley damn Cyrus. Kids and teenage girls lose vocal chords over this teen idol all over the world! Now that she's legal, she's gone wild. Grinding up on Robin Thicke, feeling his crotch with a glove that'll kind of remind you of Mickey Mouse's-how symoblic, I mean, it's how it is. But Miley just went crazy for effect. For me, it was a bad performance done in bad taste. And it's a shame cause Miley's quite the performer. She sounds great. Don't get me wrong though, I love Miley. While it wasn't her finest moment, for me, it was forgivable. Honestly, she doesn't owe us anything. She's just misunderstood is all and I believe she's going through those really odd phases-like 5th grade, and after this, she'll be fine. I promise. But yeah, this will go down in pop culture and music history and one day she'll need to wake up.

This photo though looks awesome! 
It is however, a different story, when a certain Taylor Swift wants one of music history's biggest boy bands to STFU. Don't take my point on this one cause I am biased to the core. I am a One Direction fan. It may not be cool to admit this, but the hell, like Miley, I don't owe people anything. So anyway, Taylor Swift I have rarely liked. I like how she looks sometimes, sing to some of her songs because that's out of habit, but lady, had just a "rough" day at the VMAs. To take a stab at someone in public and for MTV to actually allow it to seem a certain way, was just some horrible series of events fueled by a lot of consent. While I keep telling myself that I do not know the person, I still am not a fan. And the VMAs didn't help her for me. But one thing I like a lot about Taylor, her body. She is seriously in great shape. The rest though, well, I leave to the billions of Taylor Swift fans for loving.

Sorry Rihanna for boring you, love the VMAs 2013.
Sorry but this is major. One Direction and Lady Gaga. (Photo US Magazine)

Those were, to me, two of the most memorable bad moments of the show-which honestly aren't that bad at all, they just put a kind of sour face on you. I don't know if anyone noticed the small, funny moments like how Iggy Azelia was guiding Lil' Kim the whole time while presenting an award and upon accepting and finishing his acceptance speech, Macklemore handing the microphone to Lil' Kim. OF ALL PEOPLE. Macklemore, I love you, but Lil' Kim is not part of the crew. Or how Jaden Smith almost broke down after Drake's amazing performance. My sister and I loved how Jaden Smith went into some kind of prayer position after he covers his ears, it was funny.

Rihanna, is such a pleasure to watch. I think she's more entertaining as part of the audience than a performer. I don't know. So apparently she had some popcorn incident over the VMAs while someone was performing, maybe it was Drake, I don't know, but she was just so sly and sneaky and such a bitch that I loved her ten thousand times more. It reminds me of all the naughty things you do in high school and you always get away with it, just because. But it has to be Harry Styles who won me over that night when Drake was starting on his performance, Rihanna was so terribly chill-cold actually, Harry Styles was peeling an orange, bobbing his head to startedfromthebottomnowwehere... Coolest thing ever. While Niall and all his pals were dancing to Drake, he's busy eating an orange. Kyet kyet maybe? haha. Girls are probably like let me be that orange you peel, anyway... (wrong).

While this is an okay copy, it doesn't take away from the genius that is Timberlake.

Of course, I couldn't end this post without acknowledging the great moments of the show. Lady Gaga, being the inspiration that she is, gave awesome advice to the allegedly booed One Direction, saying that all the success they have they deserve and never to let anything put them down. When you do see and listen carefully to One Direction accepting their award, it sounds quite mixed-some people cheering and some people, kind of irritated at their victory. And this show honestly has a lot of lessons for the young superstars to take. That momentous, historic reunion of N Sync just killed everyone. I am a fan of N Sync and have believed them to be the better boyband versus Backstreet Boys, so imagine the joy and the goosebumps that prickled my skin when I saw it happening. And Justin Timberlake, dear Lord, Sir Justin Timberlake. That 20-minute performance of his songs testifies to how much of a talent and how long a successful career he has. He is amazing. He deserves that award and this is his year. Taking home two of the biggest awards that night would seriously never give justice to how much of a universe Timberlake is. And I believe he set the bar terribly high for everyone who came after him. One Direction, definitely included. I think the reason why this phenomenal boy band hasn't been warmly received by audiences-well, it seems like this anyway, at the VMAs is because they couldn't take One Direction seriously. Once their sound grows up, it's when, I'd like to believe, the VMAs and plenty more people would acknowledge that they're not just for tweens and teenage girls. They have that ability to grow up-not as quickly and drastically as Miley's, but something more of how Britney and Justin did their growing up. They're wonderful singers and they have the looks to add to that.  I am a fan and I will stick by the lads, no matter what. Just probably no more tatts for you Harry.

One of the best songs performed on the show

I get teary-eyed everytime. Thanks Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert.
This song won big. Not to mention, also one of the best performances.

Aside from Timberlake, an equally wonderful performance was by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Jennifer Hudson. When they sang Same Love, you know it was the best time to be in that audience, to stay there and just smile and enjoy it. Whether the song touched the heart or it just sounded great, it mirrored something so important in human history and culture, that you feel thankful you're alive in our time. I am thankful for their talent because they have substance and marry that with such a cool sound, which is, for me, the point of good music. They won big that night for sure and they all deserved it. Just like Timberlake. 

It was quite a fantastic show, lots of great performances, memorable wins and whoops, and the wattage that MTV managed to electrify the Barclay's Center with, wow...That was magical, really. I was telling my mom I would've slayed just to be there. Most of all though, what's most awesome about this year's VMAs is it highlighted what great musical times we are having. 2013 is a good, good, good year in music and I'm happy I'm part of it. Sorry 2012, but you kind of didn't measure up. Hopefully 2014 is as great, if not better.

P.S. Who wants to join a singing contest with me? Text me!

- Gerard

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