Thursday, July 18, 2013


Nike fan for life. This video is genius, but probably could've been better with less talk.

Songs could definitely perk you up the same way coffee does for people like myself who swear the world by it. Other times, when you slide straight to the middle of the week, you search for other things to keep you motivated--and not just cause you want to head straight to Friday night. Here are some cool videos I've gathered from around the web that'll give you that extra inspiration and also keep you looking forward to, well, more inspiring days.

The Spectacular Now is a book. And it's one those book-to-silver screen cases where you learn of the film first before the book (for me). Believe me when I say, I haven't, in the 23 years I've been alive, have felt this "melty" and fuzzy over these two pairing up. Kilig is the Tagalog term for it, that probably won't ever find its counterpart in the English language. Miles Teller (one of the cool kids on Project X) reminds me of Shia LaBeouf-spell check, and Shailene Woodley, I've loved since The Descendants. When Miles tells Shailene she's "absolutely beautiful" and she just erupts in this candid laughter, it feels like they're not in a movie at all. It's actually like watching classmates fall in love. And that's adorable. It's reminiscent of many t-shirt-wearing, simple-town America love stories that just stay with you until you're spent. It also helps that it's a coming-of-age tale that runs the whole spectrum of life experiences from falling in love to finding ones identity, to enjoying youth, the works. I bet my non-existent ass on it, that this soundtrack will be good. If not, that's a shame. Watch this and watch these two rocket to the skies faster than you'd expect. PAY ATTENTION!

I haven't seen anything as flawlessly edited a YouTube series as Jacks Gap's. Had they been Filipinos, I'll be rallying outside their doors to sign exclusive to W, then again...But yes. It helps that the two-twins Jack and Finn Harries look boy band-ready, but they also have substance. They're funny and they edit their videos the way YouTube videos should be edited. They've got their young girls screaming for them and their early 20s as a market and when you have a platform such as Jacks Gap-which is basically a video blog of their life and things they're interested in, you could start competing with celebrities. At least, that's how we do it here in Manila. I'm not yet sure if there are Filipino YouTubers out there who could produce something as clean, as consistent and as focused as these guys.

For a while I've considered myself careless of Claire Danes' whereabouts. For a lot of reasons. I found her alright and it didn't help that she made remarks about the Philippines, but it actually doesn't matter now. While I am aware Homeland is all abuzz, I haven't actually seen an episode. But this behind the scenes video for her VOGUE cover shoot is awesome. Simple, candid, charming for both Claire and Damien Lewis and it's informative too. And I've always loved behind the scenes videos.

We're used to watching people cook food or prepare drinks and it's all their talking you hear and their faces that you see and a bit of it, the food or the drink. Tastemade takes out the person as the star of preparing drinks and focuses on the beauty of the thing you actually will consume. Besides, you won't ever consume Bobby Flay or Ina Garten, right? Here, it's 100% focus is on the drink. Credit goes to my sister for finding this and introducing me to a world of cool videos of drinks being prepared, accompanied by fitting and appropriate songs. Genius right?

Miu Miu's moody, "we're all beautiful ladies here" Fall 2013 campaign is chic on all levels. No cheer leader effect here as, obviously, every single one of these models are terribly good-looking. 2, the clothes are superb-ESPECIALLY that orange coat and blue clutch in one part of the video. 3, the music is awesome-don't you dare say it's not and 4, it's Miu Miu. Need we say more? Just another video of wonderful women in wonderful clothes with wonderful music. That's how you do it.

Clement Chabernaud doesn't do much in this video. All he does is look great, without much effort, giving De Fursac's Fall 2013 collection the perfect model for its no non-sense great looks. It has an old timey, Bond movie feel about it and the ending, him driving in that chic sports car, is the best way to end this short short film. Who wants De Fursac anything? I do.

GQ magazine gets Kai Lenny to a suit. I'm ALL for fashion and movement. I think the true test of good quality clothes is placing them in conditions that they weren't created for. And the vision of someone surfing in a suit, with all the colors of the environment, just pure magic.

- Gerard

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