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The Review: Louis Vuitton Spring 2014

Handsome, American Times Ahead, courtesy of Louis Vuitton's Spring 2014 Collection
by Alfredo Piola (T Magazine| The Scene)

A trip around America's fashion classics and American male stereotypes, Kim Jones' Spring 2014 collection has delivered the same, quietly cool yet hyper luxurious vibe that he's championed at Louis Vuitton for years. All handsome looks, with young jackets and bags that give the collection amazing muscle for show, shoes are stars too and the prints that have striped suits, shirts and more make like beautiful fireworks for an amazing celebration of the great American style.

Kim Jones has never let loose on travel and what welcome luggage of inspiration it brings. Since his reign over Vuitton, under Coach Marc Jacobs' supervision, he's been clear cut on his goal for the house. And just like Louis Vuitton himself, Kim Jones understands travel well  and has respected the element by way of 40 plus looks, each one a powerhouse and an encapsulation of what Louis Vuitton is all about today.

Still a huge color. By Alfredo Piola

From start to finish, Jones gave everyone at Paris a tour around America and almost decades of American fashion. Leather biker jackets, too-cool for prom numbers, handkerchiefs wrapped necks over suits and corporate jungle survival suits and some tie-dyed safari realness, through each look, one could see the various American men who have not only walked their own land, but who have also, in one way or another, influenced the world and its many cultures. 

Reviews have clipped the collection along other "athletic" collections of this season and those that have passed and while there are plenty of sporting points ("Louis Vuitton" rendered younger in collegiate fonts, sewn at the back of awesome jackets) in here, the entire mood gave off an air of men stylishly passing by. Jones' masterpieces weren't for staying put and winning a game like the present state of mind of sporty chic. At Vuitton, they favored movement, some transient lifestyle and somewhat saw an untouchable adventurer who could've hailed from America or at least favors the humble, straight-to-the-point style of the country. 

Prom King good looks by

One of the sickest looking bags ever. Sell my soul for this? Yes! by

Jones'  most extravagant work was a hue-changing dinner suit, emblazoned with the house's logo all over, paired with frank silver shoes and  simple, smartly tailored trousers something a handsome, young 1980s male lead would've worn to win the girl. At his subtlest, Jones sends out a tan leather anorak paired with gray shorts and hiking boots-not to mention equipped with one of his odd-looking, handsomely designed doctor's bag, capturing America's active, working force. The in betweens presented corporate men, taking work less seriously in printed suits and aggressively colored bandannas, travelers in printed shirts and shorts and adventure seekers in mysterious-looking, tie-dyed safari shirts and trousers. But the highlight for me were the three scouts in their game-changing jackets, sewn with Team Vuitton patches and decorations and done up in khaki/sand-colored cotton lined with a serious navy blue inside. Brilliantly putting these three looks in the middle of the collection gave it a climax that drove home the point for Louis Vuitton 2014. All these inspired looks weren't meant for staying in one place. They'd echoed a sense of heading on forward, whatever American male stereotype you'd fallen into and this American attitude married well with Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones' worldly perspectives.

Someone give Kim Jones his own jacket and decorate it with medals, stars, everything.
This is Spring 2014's best for me by Lea Colombo from


Definitely called myself part of Team Vuitton when I saw those scout jackets. Imagine those with ANYTHING?! Would look so terribly stylish, it hurts. On to the latter part of the collection, the quiet, boyish prom looks shaves a decade off anyone-say for example you were 23 and you'd wear them, you'd look like your 13 and that's not a bad thing, and their soft, pastel hues will work great with 20s-30s stylish savvies. The safari set, with their deep, red and blue tie-dyes and strict cuts, would fit older men best, heading on to their vacations and on their less hectic days. The bags and the shoes here are stellar. White sneakers that kind of remind you of Jack Purcells, smile with metal panels up front and I'd wear those with suits, khakis to Church, loose trousers, jeans, even shorts! Kim Jones' acknowledgement of the ever changing style of a man as he grows old  did this collection some 100 points, because it opens Louis Vuitton to a bigger market. Any guy from the 20s til the late 80s, could get something good from here it and keep it while they can. To make it possible as well to make everything look cohesive is Kim's genius too. 


I now reaffirmed my belief in fashion, especially in Louis Vuitton. Been a fan of Kim Jones since 2 years ago and I knew he'd take Louis Vuitton to amazing heights. Out of all Spring 2014 collections, this one ranks highest for me because it's a daring task to take over American fashion, run through it and perfectly deliver just that under a French house and make it look wearable, covetable and truly American. Plus those white sneakers and scout jackets got me the way beautiful shoes get ladies swooning and sweating. A gold collection here, for sure.

That jacket will be the source of all evil (banks being robbed, you know). Handsome!

Please. Who wouldn't look that awesome wearing that jacket?



SPRING 2014'S BEST JACKET. EVER. OH! And 3 of 3.

The new tie-dye. AND THOSE SHOES!

The lightest hue at Vuitton and possibly, the best one too. I'd wear this not just to prom...

All runway photos and review (by Tim Blanks)-as reference from

- Gerard

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