Friday, July 5, 2013

In The Mood for Gosling

That face means business. From Esquire UK

Not surprising that after Drive's success-that moody, 80s fueled,Ryan Gosling movie, the same people who made it happen are the same names giving Only God Forgives the hot flesh and bone that it proudly has. Soul, is via Ryan Gosling who means business whether it'd be in style or in film, and the first time you catch the trailer you know it's bound to be good, downloaded a lot of times, preciously kept in your hard drive for viewing pleasure even past the film's glory days. Couldn't say it's a classic in the making, but it has all those elements that will be terribly difficult to brush off from memory.

Once the awesome music starts-how can you make such good music, the rarely and scarcely lit scenes are edited together and the two-three Ryan Gosling lines that make the cut for the trailer are already on its way to immortalization, Only God Forgives promises lots of Gosling-esque mood and feels. Trademarks of our modern day James Dean (yup, we're not yet tired from pulling out the references to the) that have given him that smarter, more grown-up edge over his pretty boy contemporaries. Exciting actually. And I'd pay to see that ALL those fighting, action scenes. 

Check it! Trailers should be good, all the time. Only God Forgives is of no exception. I just hope that the movie'll be as handsome as its star. Which reminds me, I need to catch two of his films, Drive and A Place Beyond The Pines... In for some serious Gosling treatment!

- Gerard

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