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The Review: Givenchy Spring 2014

The Tribe of Choice: Givenchy Spring 2014 by Kevin Tachman The New York Times

While today’s glossies are celebrating cleanliness and straight-to-the-point style (white well-made blazers on top black, loose tees, etc.) fashion is already heading elsewhere, in less stringent and more hyper territory. If you take your cue from GIVENCHY Spring 2014 for what’s about to come next year, you know it’s all printed matter, musical and African-inspired.

Tisci’s tribe sticks to the same cool formula of hulking outerwear, slim suits, buttoned up shirts, round-neck sweaters and tees that breathe down to boxy shorts atop second-skin tights for men and finally, those ever reliable sandals. And just like awesome seasons past, Tisci goes for a swatch of printed everything. Music is a serious supplier as it lends stereo system insides, cassette tapes, reels broken down into bits and pieces to be used as Givenchy Spring 2014 tribal print. 

The print and more details here
Bold lines of red, blue, black and the occasional, signature Givenchy star, dash his every piece from sweaters down to shorts and it keeps the heart racing, as one by one Tisci’s tribe members march down his runway in full gear. Inspiration comes from Africa and how kids take to layering in that part of the world, where, presented on the runway, is a certified cool kid, model-off-duty look. Since it's Givenchy, the look captures movement, an active lifestyle in chic, studied and structured pieces that make Givenchy a dependable urban designer. Slick back hair and strong colors painted on chiselled faces give the collection a completion, letting people know-those front row sitters and laptop viewers, that they all have been invited to head out to wherever this tribe meeting is.

Photo by Kevin Tachman, The New York Times


Models will surely rock these looks, I’m thinking the likes of Paolo Roldan-one of Givenchy’s missing stars, and all the new handsome faces, cascading through the streets of Paris, cigarettes leaving ghosts past them in awesome, light blue, orange jackets and cool prints. I see myself donning one parka (orange-paneled hood, black everything and peppered with occasional sound system bits) with a plain white tee, light colored jeans and awesome, high-cut sneakers in white. But that’s an ideal.  West coast skaters are definitely already itching to have these in their closets for sure. It suits their lean frames and their long legs and I honestly couldn’t see any other perfect touch to an already stylishly busy and upbeat collection than solid colored skateboards. Correct?


Its youth and energy makes it memorable. Not to mention how brilliant a designer Tisci is from inspiration to execution, he gets Givenchy constant reign as top of mind and top of the heap on everyone’s list season after season. Though it’s not a favourite, it is hauntingly memorable and it inspires one to shed lots of pounds, learn how to skate and brave the streets with face painted red. Maybe one day in Africa...Maybe...

The jacket I want with a white tee, jeans and high top sneakers

I'd consider this look actually. Lovin' it.

Biased, cause I know it's Diego Fragoso even with the face paint.

All runway photos and review by Tim Blanks (as reference) from Style.com

- Gerard

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