Friday, April 5, 2013

The Great Gatsby

The opening of the trailer, I could still remember in the book.
See, even cool Mr. Gatsby goes crazy when it's hot...

By now you, dear reader, should have some restraining order ready for me whenever there is anything F. Scott Fitzgerald present anywhere it is that I am. But just let me kill myself over how excited I am that Warner Bros. released a new trailer AND a damn handsome soundtrack for The Great Gatsby. This book is the reason I write and read and search. So just imagine my face when I heard they turned it into a movie. And imagine my face when I found out about the cast, Callan McAuliffe (terribly good-looking and promising child), Leonardo Di Caprio (definitely a God now), Carey Mulligan (diamond, for sure) and Tobey Maguire (my all-time favorite Spider-Man...), I mean it felt like Christmas and my birthday rolled in one day.

Come May, you'll be flooded with Great Gatsby shit, you won't like me anymore. But please, even if you're not a fan, spare some time to appreciate the beauty of Fitzgerald's work. While maybe the unsung hero is Tender Is The Night, and I'm obsessed with how intelligently scary This Side of Paradise turned out to be, The Great Gatsby just did it for Fitzgerald. I just can't explain how much I love the book. Seriously. It's a story, so beautiful, so grandiose yet human and real...Definitely thestandard for stories.

But if you're the kind who would never flip a page of a book, give yourself this experience. The movie. The trailer alone almost had me in tears. But yes, you must catch this. You know how other trailers promise you the film will be an experience of a "insert season here", this will surely fit the bill.

And who could ignore the cast, the cinematography, those amazing sweeping shots? I smell resurrection for Tobey Maguire. Beyonce and Andre 3000 doing Amy Winehouse' s Back To Black, Florence & the Machine on the soundtrack and Lana Del Ray too, I mean, come on...Do I even have to?
Or maybe that's just me. I'm fanning.

Jokes aside, this is one piece of art we're lucky to be experiencing, so whether you'll like it or not, it'll be worth it, somehow.


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