Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sound 2

YouTube is truly one of the better avenues for singers/artists to have their work picked up by anyone, from fans to fans who push for more and hopefully, eventually, record labels. Among the plenty of channels/artists on YouTube, there are five great singers I always go back to when I'm pretty tired of the usual suspects. If you have a YouTube account, these five are highly recommended for you to subscribe to or follow. And actually, they all share a certain sound to them that I think, is more of my taste in music and the kind of voice I PERSONALLY want to have. Enjoy!

Gabe Bondoc is easy listening. He's made some original songs that I personally feel will do good outside of YouTube. Mostly covers is what Gabe does, but he gives it this soft, almost sweet take on everything he covers. Even when they're sad, sad songs, he makes them sound good. He gives Chris Brown's Strip a little more romance and class, and it's beautiful.

Ebrahim I learned from my officemate, Joanne. Since then, I've been hooked. Love, love, LOVE his voice. He's covered Frank Ocean's Swim Good and made it sound, sorry Mr. Ocean, terribly better. He also has an original which I couldn't get out  my head, I'll Be Alright. But this cover shows you just how talented he is
and what good knowledge he has of music. Be patient on this one, cause it's all worth it.

When you could sing James Morisson, Adele and one of my all-time favorite voices, Donny Hathaway and not one bit sound amateur-ish at best, you definitely have talent. Airto I stumbled on after looking for good For All We Know covers (sad, sad song but one of my favorites) and Airto's was the best. His voice is comforting, cool and at times, haunting too. 

I think he joined X-Factor some years back but he didn't make it to the contest, something like that. But British Daniel De Bourg is doing pretty well on YouTube. I've downloaded two of his mixtapes and have been listening to him since. The comparisons are always Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake, which is never a bad thing. He has a stronger quality about his voice compared to the others on here, but his voice is just as cool and great as the others. Oh and of course, the man looks good. So that helps, somehow.

Of the five, Alex Serra is my favorite. One, he does Amy Winehouse covers like their his songs, two he makes instrument sounds and not look funny and three, his voice just reminds me of a shot of Black (which, for me is good). He sounds soulful, serene but still very cool. And those riffs he does, fantastic. This is his newest one, but he has more great covers on his channel, like Amy Winehouse's I Heard Love Is Blind, Sam Cooke's Come Running Back To You and this awesome Skyped duet with a fellow YouTube star of Georgia On My Mind.

BUT before we end, major love for American Idol's great ladies, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. At first I didn't think AI could redeem itself, but alas, the weaker ones have been weeded out and now they have 5 ladies, 3 of which are superb talents, 1 is okay and the other, I'm only waiting to be eliminated. Candice, I'm starting to love cause weeks back, all I cared for was Kree, but she definitely stepped up and the song choices she's made have done her well. Lovesong and Don't Make Me Over got me bad, Candice...and I'm still in love with Kree. Top two?

- Gerard

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