Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Face

Photos from Pinterest. Cover art done by yours truly, c/o Phoster.

May for The Pool Collective is pretty exciting! While all my Diamond writers haven't sent in their works yet (boys and girls, I'm waiting hahaha.) I present to you the theme for May. Ladies & gentlemen, The Face: Dean, Hepburn, Brando and Kelly.

Well actually, I think it'd be better to call May 2013's theme, "Faces of Hollywood" but there's definitely more drama with less words on it. These are four of Hollywood's most iconic faces and even when there are still more beautiful people out there, these four, for me, have the most memorable and beautiful faces that have ever graced the screen. And I could never stress it enough, that for me, beauty especially the human face's, is definitely one of God's most precious gifts to mankind. Correct? 

And there is just something about the face that  summarizes almost everything of a person's, not to say that without a face we're less human, but this is pretty much the cover of a magazine, the cover that captures all of what's inside and gives the outside  an easily understandable material to look at, absorb and appreciate.

So for the writers out there, May 2013 is all about these faces, the faces of Old Hollywood and most definitely the faces the world, even generations from now will love, admire and always look back to as the standards of what stars on Earth ought to look like.

While it's still not May, please make sure to drop by The Pool Collective and read up on the stories published so far. I'm very very happy that I've got myself great writers, I hope this will attract many more talented writers out there! Send me an e-mail at

- Gerard

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