Thursday, June 28, 2012

Glossy Times

Mr. Gandy for AUGUST Man. One of the best British tributes on a cover
You will need to keep your head beaming with inspiration as we all inch away to the weekend, so for people who love the arts, design, fashion, models and culture, I present you all the coolest magazines and their equally inspiring covers fresh from NASCAPAS (one of my favorite blogs ever!). Keep the glossy times going guys...

Emma Stone, Hollywood's lady of the moment

A view from the top...Nicely done SF Weekly

Rob James-Collier, another British stunner

How appetizing....

Lee Hyori & Calvin Klein guy Matthew Terry

One of the best I've seen!
(and it's French, so don't count on me to know what it's all about)

YES! Elle Mexico

I wonder how they did this

On The Road's new faces. Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart, looking good you two!

This is real funny. 

Maybe Natalia's feet seem too big, but I love this. 

Lily looking great....The colors and the styling, superb.

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- Gerard

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