Monday, July 2, 2012

A Whiff Of Cool Air

There's been plenty of startups going on around Facebook, some of them I have "liked" and most of them just fail to at least look legit and tasteful. Now here's a startup I am placing high expectations on. I believe some of the people behind this label I might know, like Luigi Alba (you better start telling me about this Alba) and all his other cool friends...

Actually, if I am right, then maybe we're truly in for a treat. I've seen these kids and how they dress and the Instagram photos they post and I know that they're not faking cool, but were just born with it. With an introduction to their label promising something like "We concretize a lifestyle of simplicity", and understanding that when it comes to fashion (and other things as well) "simple" is a fairly dangerous word that connotes not the boring, but something that is truly elegant, cool and timeless minus the fuss and the pretension, I am more than excited to see how they deliver (because they will).

When a whiff of cool air passes by, it refreshes and tells of a change in weather. I hope Whiff arrives sooner than later and bring along with it a change or at least more awesome alternatives and options for and in Manila style...

I am watching you.


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