Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Games Beginning

Come prepared!
More athleticism, urban feel and sporty goods to come in fashion
photo: Tommy Ton

Style disciples from our shores (Manila) know pretty well that Preview magazine, one of the most revered fashion publications in the Philippines will be holding their annual Best Dressed Ball in some weeks, with one of their better (for me) themes in the years I've followed them: Athletic Chic. Having checked Spring 2013 so far, it's evident that athleticism and sporty clothes will be staying as one of the more exciting trends for fashion. Street style blogs the world over have those pops of Nikes competing for the many Pins that old school wingtips, boat shoes and monks currently have in spades. 

And yes, I have blogged days ago about the whole sporty thing going on for me and for some cool people I know as well like the Mike Concepcion and super friend Bryle Penamante, hey guys! Aside from the fact that Sporty is no more of a joke for the stylish set, it's a look at what the world of fashion and our culture is going through. I still don't know what it is exactly that summarizes the reason why this is happening, but I am liking it. So it's pretty obvious I am having a sweating style fest here, nursing a really bad hang over for things athletic.

Since I am obsessed about it as of the moment, I bring you some of the best athletic-inspired street style photos by famous street style blogs we know of. Check out the many appearances of Nike, the subtle yet strong presence of sneakers, beautiful ladies in chic, court-ready clothes and more. 

It seems like fashion is no longer sitting pretty on the benches and is, finally, going strong on the field. Fashion says let the games begin!

Hey beautiful
photo: Tommy Ton for Style.com

Brightening it up.
photo: Tommy Ton for Style.com

Nike, you are full of love.

Odd men out...
New Balance too...Daym, these shoes!
Ms. Smalls in Huge style.
source: Tommy Ton

Ready and moving
source: Tommy Ton 
Reebok and Celine? Plus Balenciaga? Am I seeing this photo right?
source: Tommy Ton
All the other kids with pumped kicks...
source: Tommy Ton for Style.com
- Gerard

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