Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Cast

Lanvin's dancing campaign was a hit cause it was cute and funny. For me Givenchy's Fall 2012 campaign is stunningly shot as photographs and are even better on video, and maybe a lot cooler than Lanvin's...Just maybe. Don't you just love how adorable Stella Tenant is when she dances? Plus I love, love, love how all the guys here move so well. 

They have great hair (I am kind of getting over the short, super clean look), AWESOME hair and they make wearing skirts, huge Givenchy-like nose rings seem so natural and cool. The casting sticks true to Givenchy aesthetics, you know, the unscientific kind of handsome and beautiful that just works with clothes that pull references from not just one source but from many more things such as religion and sports. Music was trippy, kind of something you'd expect from a fashion video campaign but it punches some energy to the gloomy and dark backdrop for the campaign---which I appreciate a lot. And it's not surprising that Givenchy has such a hip, cool and memorable campaign, cause the team behind it consists of Tisci, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and (sound the trumpets) Carine Roitfeld as the stylist for the shoot. Now that's a cast for a successful campaign. I hope I could read up on the idea behind the campaign, somewhere out there. Then I could talk better sense than just rambling about in praises. BUT YEAH, it's pretty obvious I am in love with the campaign.

Rodrigo Braga (left) has the best sweater for me. But Jarrod Scott (right) has the hair and is now,
one of the more memorable faces to watch out for. He's bound to be big. NEW FAVORITE ALERT!

Loving Stella's look her. She is pretty much the embodiment of our Givenchy
versus the Audrey Hepburn days. Simone Nobili is also pure magic on photographs.
These two images and looks juxtaposed = perfection.

Loving it a lot Givenchy.



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