Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Beauties

Aline Weber. Beautiful 

Keeping it short and sweet for all of you. Here is Salt's weekend treat, presenting you all of them great beauties for your Sunday. As I always say, there is nothing more healing and exciting and inspiring than beauty, so by all means enjoy...
Would you look at that ensemble. At first I thought it was Givenchy, but it's not...
The best magazine cover for me this month. PLUS, my favorite Angel ever.
Rosie for VOGUE Brazil....

Top center, that's Parker Gregory and I believe he's leading Jeffrey Fashion Cares now...Which I really like.
Another favorite is lower left Jae Yoo. 

Do you believe this? Men's Health Spain.
Harry Goodwins. Check out all the great photos here

Parker Gregory (again) and Angela Lindvall... This is great casting right here

Fanny Francois for Flair

Patrick Kafka, always looking great

- Gerard

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