Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving ROGUE

moving and sexy as it is, you have GOT to see this really move and really go sexy
ROGUE April 2012
As always, ROGUE magazine gives you something to talk about, buy and definitely get all giddy for. When I saw this cover at the Magnum launch days ago, I said to myself out loud "Oh wow, galing talaga ng ROGUE..." Gladly, it was too loud for anyone to hear my little appreciation for the magazine I love. I always assumed it'll be their sports issue, cause last year was a successful sports issue they had launched and I also loved, loved, loved my work for that one. 

But I'm also as happy that they're going for an issue that highlights---taking from the blurbs, things literary. I've been hunting for good local publications that celebrate writing and literature and the people who make it possible and here comes ROGUE, easing all that searching away...I hope they make it happen that they have a sports AND literary issue (if that is what you should call it).

But anyway, back to the cover. Flashed on a wide wall of a screen back at the launch, you see Solenn Heussaff coming alive from the cover and that flowing chocolate-colored cloth, eventually comes down and slides off the Goddess' body and you're left with your imagination. Plus of course the Magnum bar makes it more sweet. I stepped outside and bumped into one of my bosses (outside of W), LA and congratulated him for the cover. He's the genius behind the styling of it and I was happy the ROGUE team did a splendid job. People are definitely talking about it in varied lights but it only proves how successful ROGUE, Magnum and Solenn are. They're true magnanimous names coming together and showing everybody how it's done.

Of course, I feel awfully happier to know that for this issue, LA had me write one of my favorite style subjects to date: Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde and also the real 007, Ian Fleming. They're such exciting people to do a style profile of and I hope you'll enjoy my work, with LA's polishing for this issue. 

Judging from the issue's headlines, I'm definitely in for a treat. Grab your copies and indulge in all of ROGUE's moving visuals and moving stories...

Congratulations to ROGUE, ROGUE's first and, possibly the magazine's face and body, Solenn and to the brilliant people behind Magnum...This is PR, fashion, advertising, marketing, entertainment, food, business, publishing and journalism at its best. 

- Gerard

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