Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Girls & The Boys

Werner Schreyer for L'Officiel Hommes

I present to you this weekend's round-up of boys and girls that inspire our every single day. At first, I felt like doing a gender, color story and how in an ideal world, boys are blues and greys and girls are all orange, red and pink, but that'd be too boring. I still though follow the color scheme, but concentrate more on the photos and the people.

But anyway, as usual, what happens during my weekend posts is that there is always something I find right about certain photos and how they gel together. My problem is, I don't know exactly what it is! haha. Enjoy this weekend's post and have a great week ahead.

Karmen Pedaru for British VOGUE 

Sean O'pry for GQ Germany

Enter Pigalle. Dazed & Confused

Parker Gregory for Hercules

Jessica Chastain for The New York Times Style magazine

Paul Boche for METAL magazine

Karlie Kloss for British VOGUE

- Gerard

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