Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Times

The best period editorial I've seen in a while.
VOGUE Turkey, shows you how it should look like at a shoot.

Always liked the old times. After picking up my favorite novel, The Great Gatsby, I've been caught and trapped under its spell. It might have been Fitzgerald's delicious writing---that I keep as my touchstone for everything I write, or the knowledge that afforded me after all I've read that just made me love the 20s and the 30s. And then I went on to the 50s and all the legends and icons of those days... And it was then that I realized how much of a romantic I am.

These were the times when my 80 something year old grandmother was having a whiff of first love and times when long-gone relatives have lived stories that we only get to read now...Through literature, movies, art, music and fashion, I've seen only what has been and have never had the slightest idea of how it really was back in the "good old days". But there was something about the lack of all happy, poppy color, or the subtlety of color that I find pretty interesting, something I've deduced from looking at old photos and watching old movies. To me it all seemed as if things were all too fine, too poised for the ladies and for the gents, too smooth yet masculine. Suddenly it's as if you could smell airplane gasoline, something cold, old perfume, cigarettes and liquor in the air...Somehow, it felt simpler, but still overwhelmingly dramatic and inspiring. 

I still have a so-so idea why the past lures people in. Usually, the expectations from people who love to read and write is that they know why people drop anchor to the past. I, only have an idea: If you could cut the entire population to romantics and futurists (if there is such a thing), you've got half for each.. Most of us look back at what has been and call it inspiring, the rest look forward, dreaming up things and call that inspiring. Personally, I think the past is all so hypnotic because it has a sense of rawness to it, something untouched and important. Now I feel like things are so conveniently gelled together, less pure and that the world is looking smaller that there's only so little room for more. But of course, that's a sickness I suffer from. I am, anyway a romantic and am guilty of being foolish to want to live at a time I'm not meant to be in. So here is a tribute to the old times, when, in the eyes of present past-lovers such as myself, is all how time should be: all inspiring, a pinch magical and incredibly beautiful.

Peggy Lee, doing it right

Woman with Greyhounds (1930) by Jean-Gabriel Domergue

Elegance personifed: Mr. Cary Grant

Ray Charles, Cry Me A River

John Steinbeck's The Pearl
Sometimes it rose to an aching chord that caught the throat,
saying this is safety, this is warmth, this is the Whole.--
J. Steinbeck

Time Travellers by Sunday Telegraph

Cool, Mr. Hunter S. Thompson
Call on God, but row away from the rocks --- H.S. Thompson

Still the creepiest, coolest cartoon I've seen...Cab Calloway, you're Soul personified. Period.

VOGUE back in the 1940s

Frank and Ella together

Paris in the 1950s

Does this even need a caption?
Patrick Kafka as the Rebel

- Gerard

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