Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Year in Covers (Book Edition)

Designed by Chip Kidd.
When I see it in my room, I just want to race through all the rest, cause I want this savored.
Thanks to my sister for this one.
Year's about to end and I am delighted to have shopped and have received multitudes of books for myself and for others as well for this year. Just like most of us confessed bookies, we don't really get to read all of them right after its purchase, but we do feel the comfort in knowing that they're just there, a world separate from our own within reach.

To start my string of year-enders (and God knows I am late for these ones), let's start off the end of 2011 with my year in covers. I bring you the books I've loved, learned a lot from all read, half-understood and will always treasure from this year. Enjoy.

So happy I bought this.
You don't die enough to cry --- Jack Kerouac

Its preface's first few sentences will already cling to you.
It's only been hours under my possession. c/o Ms. Chere, my boss

It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being 
--- F. Scott Fitzgerald
Not the cover I have, but this one is the next best thing.
Good-looking too. This one is thanks to Tj.

This has set the bar for me when it comes to writing.
And it's because of this that I became a solid fan of anthologies, superb job.

First book I ever purchased for 2011.
From the history of the style and the stories behind it, to Dean, Brando and even Eminem...
Everything you need to know about Rebel Style.

By my bed all the time. Helps a lot.
Also freaks you out a lot. hahaha.
From Tj.

So far, so good. Le Carre's characters are well-established, which I like a lot.
Plus, the trailer looks great. Tom Hardy, I know your secret... hahah
Another Ms. Chere-sponsored book (those GCs I love so much)

You could never imagine how happy I was to unwrap this, thanks to my sister.

Bought this for my sister...
And I got hooked. Easy to read, pretty famous (for lots of obvious reasons),
but exciting. It reminded me of HP's Goblet of Fire, but they're different books still and style
Also c/o Ms. Chere

First page was good...I've got, well, probably around 600 plus to go?
I might be wrong, but this is a real thick read.
Great measure for your literary patience.
This also has got to be one of the most talked-about books this year

It's a shame that I never get to finally finishing this book.
A classic, obviously deserves a lot of time (from me at least).
The cover, is the most stylish I've seen. A Tj book again

Another Fitzgerald great. It's a short story, you could read it for a day max.
And it sticks to you...Especially the ending...
It's a Fitzgerald thing, having a haunting ending.

This year's hardest read for me.
Someday I'll get my head around you.

Finkel's book has given me a good reason
to fear for my dear life had I been a journalist.
Which pretty much translates to an exciting and curious story

- Gerard

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