Thursday, November 10, 2011

W is for Wishes

Patti Grandidge. ETCETERA host, Cupcake Queen, Beyonce fan and most of all, a class act!
Love this girl. I especially love it when she says "Bet"!
And while you're reading this, love her too, here!
It's about time I show you a real deal, beautiful, great-looking weekend that features people who are actual people (cause really, sometimes they feel like they're beyond us).
To celebrate 11-11-11 (for wishes granted and because "W" actually stands for "Wishes", no, not really) and also to finally let all my bottled-up fanaticism out, I present to you the talents I handle and have met for work. God truly loves me cause he knows that his handsome and beautiful creations are my drugs and for a job, he gave me W Talent Management. Always so thankful for this.
Like I always say, it's all stress and pressure, but when you see these people in person and they're incredibly nice and genuine and just too great-looking to comprehend, you just want to climb and move mountains to give them the best careers and jobs the world has to offer.

And yes, it's about damn time I show you a great-looking weekend of models and personalities that are from the Philippines and most of all, from W Talent Management. (Yeheeesss, major promotion).
Welcome to your great-looking Friday, courtesy of (my) WORK! Happy 11-11-11 too...Cause when all I ever asked for was to meet a great-looking famous someone, God gave me all of them. 

Mike Concepcion. I'm always amazed at how tall he is, so the few times I've seen him I tell him he's tall., like he doesn't know it. Hahaha
All so cool, handsome, funny (even when he seems so serious and stylish all the time)
young yet incredibly wise beyond his years. Truly someone to look up to.
Like, like, like
Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario and Armand Del Rosario. I haven't met Sir Armand yet, but I'm 100%
sure he's just amazingly nice. Georgia, on the other hand is so funny and has awesome, awesome style.
Oh, and have I mentioned that pregnant or not, she's damn sexy? Uhuh.

Divine Lee. Queen of the world. This lady, has world domination in mind, it's crazy.
Funny. Hard-working. Smart. Real genuine and most of all, 150% sincere about her advocacies.
I knew why people loved her even before meeting her, but really, she surpasses all your expectations and what you think you already know about her.
Divine intervention, personified! 

Amanda Griffin-Jacob. When I met her, she literally took my breath away. One of the few people I've met who actually managed to do that.Her face could pass for a painting and she just glows...
Just the thought of her makes me smile. Possibly, one of the most beautiful people in the world.

Stephanie Zubiri. She reminds me of a little piece of sunshine.
And I love the things I learn from her when it comes to food.
Beautiful and classic and elegant and brilliant. Photo from Stylebible

Kirby Basken. One of the coolest chicks I've met in my life. Also, the very first model I've been friends with.
She writes, she's tattooed, she's leggy, she's beautiful, she's a genius, she's proud to be Pinay,
I'm speechless. I miss you KURBUR! Photo by Sir Dix

Last, but never the least, my baby girl, Jasmine Curtis-Smith.
When I talk to her, it feels like I'm talking to a really close friend.
She's so beautiful (10 times more beautiful in person), incredibly funny and down-to-Earth,
talented, super genuine and most of all---oh she'll love this, too sexy for life.
Her secret to staying sexy? Our cheesecake diet! hahaha...
Join us on Twitter for our  #teamcheesecake & #cheesecakedietsuccess stories! :))
(If this starts trending, I don't know what I'll do)

Of course there are lots of talented and gorgeous people from W, but if I'd really blog about them, then it's best you visit our website, right? :) Have a great Friday everyone and take an awesome lesson from these  personalities: No matter how cheesy it may sound, it's true, real beauty comes from real beauty inside. 


P.S. To advertising agencies, magazines, TV networks out there, this is your great-looking Friday pitch as well. :) (I kinda kid)

- Gerard

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  1. Hi there pretty girl,

    Nice post! They're such lovely people!!! I'm happy that you've found your dream job and that you're enjoying it! Stay pretty and awesome!