Friday, November 11, 2011

Devil in the details

Love this shirt. A "what I wore today" post that doesn't--at all, show me as much.
Photographed by yours truly

Haven't been posting that much personal looks as I used to, for many, many reasons. But here is one for you guys that I wore yesterday.

Street style sure is at its peak now, but I read that one of GQ's writers believes street style's airtime is about to end. Whatever you believe in, we all have to admit that style has never been this celebrated. Thanks to all these platforms, everyone suddenly has a clear-cut sense of style, a personal knowledge of it and also just how much "hand" style has in the makings of culture and life.

There's actually nothing wrong with street style and street style photography, so I guess whether or not it's about to die on all of us soon, what matters is that style is celebrated for its worth and its play on life as well.

To change it up a bit, I decided to take on the impossible role of a photographer. No expertise on photography whatsoever, I guarantee you that, but because I found it interesting how my look yesterday had much texture and detail to it, I just had to take pictures. With my office's new camera, a few minutes of free time, I managed to do a look post for this one. Veering away from the traditional one-shot-one-whole-body photo, I decided to focus on the tiny details of some of my favorite pieces. You will see here the many grainy textures to my look yesterday...You will, also see my face here somewhere after, and the hairs on my forearm and the little wrinkles on my all-time favorite desert boots and more.

The devil truly is in the details. 

Been a huge fan of "grainy" shirts in dark colors, so this shirt I love.
The jeans are the most comfortable yet skinny pairs I've ever owned. And they're not even a thousand pesos.

My favorite shoes. Been with me for most of my days.
These shoes have proven to me that good-quality and handsome pairs make you walk taller and better.
And my "loved" socks from Jemma

This is pretty much a combination of Tj and my Lolo.
The vintage watch is from my Lolo, the bracelets are from Tj except the buddha beads.

Linus the Blackberry and the one thing I've been trying to quit for weeks.

I just had to, okay...
Me and my photographer's photo photo.
The irony is I'm no photographer...
But I have been wanting to have a photo like this.


- Gerard


  1. Hey G! Love the posts. BTW, James Dean definitely makes a rockin idol.

  2. Hi Kaye! :D How are you? Back from the NYC?! :)
    Thanks. He's a super legend.