Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sounds

So here's the deal, I'm a huge music junkie and by that I mean, going-all-smiley-on-great-songs (instead of the true blue music fanatics who know every little thing about the art). And a good playlist does wonders for me: I could run better, faster, I could accomplish more, I could read better, I could write a hundred times better and just plainly be better. I've tried going on for a week, not listening to the songs I like and instead just letting whichever song's playing pass by and I felt incredibly miserable. 

This day, I'm making sure that I won't be miserable. I've loads of work to do and to make things easier and better for me, I've tuned in to YouTube for good Sunday sounds. I'm sharing the playlist for you guys, in hopes of making your Sunday sound, well, a little cooler! Enjoy!

Eliza Doolittle doing a splendid cover of Beyonce's "Party".
Love her. Love Beyonce. Love "Party".

I'll never forget my very first encounter ofOnra, thanks to ROGUE. 
Since then I've considered myself a frustrated Onra fan. Onra just is, the coolest I've heard.
And I love how he takes old Chinese tracks and spins them into an entirely new and fresh beat.
(His Chinoiseries---1 & 2, are all fascinating)

I'll keep saying this. Best CD I've ever purchased is John Mayer's "Where The Light Is Live in L.A."
And cause Jasmine "Sexy Girl" Curtis-Smith reminded me how good this song was.

I have to thank my cousin, Kuya Louie for introducing me to Allen Stone.
If I sounded like this, I'd probably be really really rich by now and famous.

Walk to this song. Or better yet, pound the pavement to this one.
"Sick" as they all say it is. :)

Smooth and sexy and all around soulful, in a more poetic sense this is like your first cigarette after months of sobriety. 

Again, I claim no expertise in music...This is all personal taste and it may sound a little off for a playlist, but it works for me. Okay, I'm off to work! 

- Gerard

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