Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Great Company

Mike Concepcion's Greater Good with Don Jaime Zobel
Collaboration of the year! 
As part of my job, I am giving my talent, Mike Concepcion, a helping hand. This Friday, December 2, I want all of you Salt readers and Mike Concepcion fans to come visit Greenbelt 5's Gallery at 6 pm. 

Mike and Christian Concepcion's clothing label Greater Good has worked with the Don Jaime Zobel for a capsule collection for the benefit of Haribon foundation. All the proceeds---you got that right, 100% of the proceeds, will be going to Haribon Foundation's Road to 2020 project. So a shirt purchased from the collection will grant you a sure tree (or more) that would be planted to repopulate the country's rainforests. This is the least we could do for the country's environment, trust me.

Visit the pop-up store this Friday and even during the weekends, if you couldn't make it this Friday. And I have to remind you, that this is a local brand with a world-class team of talent and brains behind it that is all heart. Literally, in great company.

See you guys there! And kindly spread the word... :)

I'll be updating through Twitter for Greater Good's latest news. And while you're at it LIKE Greater Good's Facebook page for updates, follow it on Twitter and of course, follow Mike Concepcion on Twitter and like his Facebook page too!

- Gerard

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