Saturday, October 15, 2011


Tj, my blood brotha/sistah you're approximately, 21 years old for an hour and four minutes. You will age, as I type, and as you slave away in Ortigas, but I'm pretty sure you're still the same old true true friend I've known for years.
I wish you a happy birthday. I also wish that you keep all your calm and your cool as we go through life. I wish you  keep soothing the troubles of the times with your priceless humor and your grip of reality, traits that only you have perfected. I wish you find your faith in God again (and I'm not kidding one bit) since I know that you know you are as grateful to him as I am. But most of all, I wish you all the happiness both past and future lives could afford you. Among the many I know, you deserve to be happy and find the no-bullshit contentment that a person as driven, as genuine and as real as you truly deserve.
For whatever may come your way, I shall always be with you just as you've been with me for all the crap and strawberries. 

A birthday dedication won't be complete without a bunch of thank yous. Thank you for being one of the most dependable people I know and love. Thank you for owing up to being a blood sibling. Thank you for just being an incredibly fun and wonderful person, cause honestly, the world would be much grayer without you. 

So keep calm, stop sucking your tooth too much cause it won't do you good, get your root canal done and remember that whatever floats your boat will surely give you biyahilo. I'm kidding. No, whatever floats your boat, just could be the only things that matter. Right? RIGHT!

See you in a bit.

Great love & respect,


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