Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where I am Now

The most memorable documentary I've seen.
AND the documentary that reminds me of my work...
Must watch

Today wasn't my best. It could've been the Monday drinking (which I genuinely loved, thanks Louisa) or there was just something about today that didn't work out for me. I know we should be masters of our moods, but, then again, it's just one of those days. Still, I have one great reason to celebrate.

I'm officially three months at W and so far, so great. It is tiring and I'm still getting used to being more "social" cause it's part of the job, but everytime I give myself minutes to really look at myself and look at the job I have, I'm a million times thankful that this is where I am. I've learned a few of its pains, a few of its perks but have completely seen the influence and effect one could possibly achieve after all such hard work. 
I have been privileged to meet people who are industry movers and shakers and up-and-coming influencers who have been characters in my wildest of dreams. I knew they existed. I knew that they were somewhere out there, far from where I stand and definitely unreachable. But after this job, I've been having meetings with them, presenting them (in my opinion) crappy presentations, shaking their hands, gladly pocketing their neat business cards and happily being on the receiving end of a smile. This isn't a post that just talks about how wonderful and special and cool my job is, cause it's really not all glamour and prestige. It's mostly about hardwork and dedication and discipline and knowledge and foresight (all of such I'm praying I master real soon). But this is a post that showcases how it is and how incredibly happy I am about it.

I'm thankful, really, to be able to do such things and meet such fantastic people who have this much impact on culture and society, that it shrinks me even smaller, putting me in my place and finally helping me understand where I'm supposed to be in the very near future.

And of course, it also helps a lot that the people I do work with and the people I call my "kids" are all so cool and talented and funny and smart and driven (not to mention, splendidly great looking). The moment I realized how promising the job is, I understood how the universe works for us, more specifically, how God works it all out. It's just plain great. 

I know three months doesn't hold anything relevant, but there's just something about the fact that I've actually been working for three, whole, months that deserves some blog space. It seems crazy cause I still feel like I'm in school. But anyway...To more months of work and hardships and happiness...


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