Saturday, September 24, 2011

Number One

A Day in the life of the world's number one male model
Sean O'pry

How's everybody doing?
Been a while now, huh. Well, I'm sure as happy as hell that this morning, after visiting (possibly) my favorite website in the world,, found out that Sean O'pry is now number one. Everybody knows this guy brings in so much money, does the runways like clockwork and has a face so painfully beautiful and recognizable, it's a shame he's only number one now.
But anyway, I'm still happy. 

I might be rattling it again, but after seeing this, I couldn't help but feel better and better about my job. I know I could this (W could do this) and I'm pretty excited. We might not have Sean O'pry-esque guys (and my bosses know that we need more male models in our roster) but we have great people. And the superlative justifies most of our talents. So I just couldn't wait to run a website like, following around our talents, taking pictures of them and showing you how a day in the life of a model/talent/host/actor/actress is. Couldn't wait. For now, enjoy these photos of Sean for your great-looking weekend. 

- Gerard


  1. SO cute! i can't believe MDC had this, Great!!

  2. Hey
    Does "Fuck Yeahs Sean O'Pry" work for you ? I wanted to check what's new with this guy and that Tumbler is loading...rolling...loading...rolling...and nothing comes out of this, just that white page with circle indicator :(

  3. Hi James. Been a long time...No...It's weird on mine, cause things aren't loading too... Go on Tumblr and on the side/ "Search Tags" just type in Sean O'pry...That ought to help. He does have a new campaign, Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb.

  4. Hey. Thanks for the tip. now tumblr doesn't know anything about any Seans O'Prys ;-P
    A new campaign you say ? Great :D That means more Seans :D