Saturday, October 1, 2011


Next Saturday

October's here!
And y'all know what that means...EXTRA days saved for buying things both needed and, well, not too necessary. The reason why is cause this month is my month. I'm turning 22 (and I still couldn't believe I'm 21 actually) on the 16th and one of my best friend's turning 21 on the 15th (TJ). Jemma too is turning 21 on the 13th. I also have two brothers to consider, Frank and Lawrence, who celebrate their birthdays on the end of the month...

So basically, what I'm driving at is that I need to buy stuff for these special people cause they deserve it! I already have stuff in mind for them and I'm pleased to have been invited by my fashion partner, Gerick Ortiz to check out Passion For Fashion. 

It's this Saturday, the 8th at the Rockwell Club function rooms. As you can see, it's packed with really cool labels carrying the coolest things you could find. Now, I won't tell you what I have in mind for my October friends, but I sure will be enjoying this sale and I hope you would too. Salt readers, you all know I suck at major promoting, so I'm just going to tell you straight: Visit. Enjoy. And spend some of your hard-earned money on some well-deserved purchases, EVEN if it's not your birthday. 

I'm inviting my friends over this Saturday and I know I'll be seeing a lot of you there...So go save up and see you all on Saturday. 

(I hope I don't have anything in store for my Saturday, God bless me)

- Gerard

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