Sunday, September 18, 2011


Good morning.
Just got home from a really busy weekend. I had to go fly to Davao with my sweet Patti Grandidge and my super favorite make-up artist, Diana Santos for an event. Four hours locked up in a make-up room, some minutes of dinner, some minutes searching for a good smoking area (where no one gets penalized), some minutes drinking with the two beautiful ladies, some hours of sleep, an hour and fifty on the plane back, church and now, I'm quite alive. 

Of course I had to check out what's going on with my favorite websites (since I was on call for proabably 25 hours for the job, today being my real weekend) and I'm happy to present to you two pairings that I'd file under the Great-looking weekend post I've loved doing for you guys.

Here's Sean O'pry and Tobias Sorensen for Simons (above) and Freja Beha Erichsen and Clement Chabernaud for Jill Stuart. For the two boys, it's quite a good combination: O'pry's kinda soft and somehow reminds you of something fluffy while Sorensen's all edgy and rough and rock n' roll and the two combined is just amazing. Erichsen and Chabernaud on the other hand could've done something together a looooonnnggg time ago. They match and they match well. I'm happy. Even though I'm pretty tired and sleepless, I'm still happy. I only dream of doing pairings as big as these. Someday... Imagine how easy it is and how gratifying it'll be to do something like this...

- Gerard

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