Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heart Beat

On the way to a our visit yesterday, I saw this really cool ad of a new Lacoste perfume and immediately, I knew I had to buy it. For me, the measure of things I buy all depends on if they give my heart a good beating or not. AND if the fast, sort of excited beating still remains the second time around.

This baby's got me beating bad. I've been stuck with the Big Pony Collection (#4) for almost a year, after Clinique and Gucci (please do not take this as a snobby namedrop of things I could afford, cause people out there could afford wayyy better stuff than I do and I'm stating these ones as facts) and have decided that I need a change of scent. 

It's not just the sleek bottle or the awesome solid colors--and you know it excites me more that each color has a different scent, or the cool, cool, cool 20-second video, but it's more of the whole package really. I'm planning a trip to the mall tonight, after work, just to see if the package truly delivers. 

But seriously, this new ad and this new perfume (sorta new) is giving me good cardio. 


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