Thursday, August 25, 2011


The most memorable moment I've had with Grant Delfin was when I interviewed him for our once promising organization (VINO) and asked him what he'd want to be when he grows up. I remember him joking about being the next President of the Philippines. It stuck to me and for some reason, I believed that one day he will. Maybe because I could say, for a fact that Grant was truly one of the sincerest, purest, brightest people I've met. You could throw all the superlatives at anybody but they all crumble at some point. For Grant, crumbling just wouldn't happen, in any lifetime.

Now Grant is somewhere better, somewhere beyond what we could comprehend. Though I couldn't consider Grant a really close friend, Grant is much loved by everybody he's met. His death has proven to me so many things. One is that a man so pure, so genuine and so handsome actually exists. Two is that a man who fights, fights 'till the end. And finally, that it is possible to be unforgettable.

While I'm here, alive, living everyday in attempts of being just that, Grant has not once tried to be unforgettable. But just by being himself, he's touched lives he probably never imagined he'd touch. God has a special place for you wherever you are.

Life is indeed short, but it lasts even after what the Earth has granted you. In Grant's case, lifetimes from now, someone, somewhere will remember (and I'm sure it's not just one person)...

To being unforgettable, pure and simple.

Rest in Peace Grant.

- Gerard

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