Monday, August 29, 2011

The Anniversary

Photographed by Mark Nicdao
Styled by LA Consing Lopez
ROGUE's Style & Design issue marks my first year as a writer. And that's sealed with an official seal. Whenever a cover of ROGUE comes out, I usually get too excited just because ROGUE has given me a start at my dreams. Had I not been approached to do a piece for September 2010, I wouldn't know if I'd be able to really write for anyone in this country. After that break, I got lots of other writing gigs and I always, always credit ROGUE for it.

So imagine just how happy I am, that even when I basically butchered my piece for this one (cause it was a hard piece and at the same time, I was finding it a little hard to adjust with the work load and all, etc.) LA just whipped it into great shape and I had a glimpse of the page and it's beautiful. Despite detractors, you know that when ROGUE does it, it's a perfect job. I am really happy to have my name under the masthead along with other amazing and talented people and I do hope that I get to write better stuff for them soon. Besides, I believe so much in ROGUE, it's turned into something beyond a bias actually. But yeah...

Thanks ROGUE for the initiation. It's done me incredibly well and I'd love to do incredibly well for you too.

Grab your copy and check out our (with my editor, LA) ROGUE Clothing Care Guide. Also, figure out who Janet Emmrich looks like..The babe on the cover. She's so beautiful and this cover is just so decadent but at the same time, stripped down to a feel of something basic and bare. And for some reason, it's like you could smell something old from the cover, like an old mansion or how patchouli smells or a rose too... Wonderful job as always...

(Praying that this'd be real thick and packed)

- Gerard

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