Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Beautiful magazine covers from all around the world.
NASCAPAS = my drug

NASCAPAS to me is the best temptation and source of inspiration available online (aside from my usuals:, the DesignScene series, GQ, you know, the lot). Being a magazine kid, of course, I've encountered the blog before. A Twitter friend, indiebon RTed an entry from the blog and it reminded me that there is something like NASCAPAS out there, a one-stop, time-consuming, incredibly inspiring and educational blog that has little to no words at all, but, thanks to its only focus---magazine covers, you get so much more. 

What I love most about NASCAPAS is that its founder, Claudio Franco, has a clear idea of what magazine covers are for: a summary of culture and history (in the future, these good covers could function as a time capsule). Obviously, since his goal is definite, whatever gets blogged has gone through quality control and studying. And that's what makes it so addicting and important. Aside from an almost scholarly purpose and goal, NASCAPAS is just pure, visual joy. 

I take time looking at covers, because covers matter to me just like how perfume bottles or boxes or packages do. Magazine covers are invitations, I always tell myself. Great-looking invitations must welcome you to an even better world inside. That's why it really just pisses me off when magazines have great covers and end up with crappy insides. Not only have I wasted money, but I've wasted my time. I also tell myself, maybe in some parallel universe, where I'm running my own magazine, the pressure of packing an issue with delicious material and matching that with a spectacular cover, just might be the reason of a gal stone or bad skin or whatever. 

Covers ought to reflect what's inside. Right? Not just cause what you're after is your readers' money's worth, but you also have a name to build or to take care of. And at the same time, these materials not only touch public consciousness, it influences people and it highlights--ideally, what's aspirational, what's relevant and what's great about humanity. Well, I'll be shutting up now. I'm just so happy that I  got some hours to scour through NASCAPAS. I am now excited and inspired to really, someday (hopefully) have my own title... All my fingers crossed.

(all magazine covers from NASCAPAS)

- Gerard

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