Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lady in White

Are you just as confident as Gisele? Can you pull off the white dress?

There's something definitely more interesting about a white dressed lady than one in black. Although the plainest truth is, these two items are of timeless appeal, we seemed to have placed more favor towards the LBD. In my opinion, a lady of any shape, stature and style could pull off a black dress. And by pulling off I mean, literally killing everybody else because of sheer elegance and chic.

But a lady who could kill in white, is rare. A white dress has an ethereal feel. It looks light and somehow exclusive for warmer seasons, but a white dress appears on the runways almost every season. So, what's the issue then? Well, not all women are built to walk in a white dress. It could either go all wrong or incredibly right and that depends on the dress and how white it is. But I believe it's the lady who wears it. LBDs are obviously more forgiving and is the safest bet out of a lady's wardrobe...White, is everything but. 

Check out Giselle Bundchen and how she's rocking this killer white dress from Spring 2011 of Dolce & Gabbana. It's definitely her that's making it stellar. If you believe and know that you could slip on a white dress and manage to stir a quiet, awesome craze just like Gisele, drop by the country's fashion authority, Stylebible.ph  for a contest they're setting this Friday.

What you need?
Three photos of you in your most stunning white dress, photographed from three different angles and a short video of yourself (a short introduction). When you've got these perfect, drop by Stylebible's website this Friday. Let's see whose lady enough to kill a white dress...

- Gerard

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