Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buy Me (cause I'm thirsty)

I'm killing for that maroon-blue striped sweater...Mark my words. Thanks Hypebeast

I swear, I went thirsty after checking Hypebeast out. I'm at the office right now, blogging, surfing and waiting for assignments to come, when Dries Van Noten's waterworld-ready Spring 2012 clothes slapped me on the face (TWICE) thanks to Hypebeast.

I could kill a cat for these sweaters. And I could already imagine my unguilty staring at my closet once these start hanging in there. (Of course, you know very well I'm not the violent kind, and I won't really kill a cat, but for effect and to prove I love it that much, I wrote that). What's also bothering me straight to the soul would be that striped wallet. But I think it'd be roadkill if I wore the maroon-blue striped sweater with the wallet. Too much. Too tacky. Too gaudy. 

And those sandals and shoes...Jesus Christ, I am palpitating in some fit of envy, hunger, greed... Well, my boss is here.

I promise you, I need these goodies soon.

How much would these cost? I want to go hungry for it.

Mandals! Gorgeous

- Gerard

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